Alejandro Ramirez, 15, grandmaster

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12/5/2003 – The Dominican Republic Open Tournament ended today with nine players sharing first – amongst them Milov, Nisipeanu and Moiseenko. And also Alejandro Ramirez, who completed his third GM norm to become the first-ever grandmaster in central America. Did we mention that Alejandro is 15 years old and the second-youngest GM in the world?

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At the Dominican Republic Open Tournament, ended today, with nine players tied for first (7.5/10): Vadim Milov, Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu, Alexander Moiseenko, Petr Kiriakov, Neuris Delgado, Daniel Campora, Alejandro Ramirez, Dennis De Vreugt, Bartosz Socko.

The most interesting player was 15-year-old Alejandro Ramirez, who completed his third and final GM norm. Together with the norm Alejandro also obtained the necessary rating points to exceed the 2500 required for being awarded the title..

Alejandro Ramirez, who also qualified for the World Championship during the zonal 2.3 Tournament, obtained his norm by defeating GM Igor Khenkin from Germany and GM Alexander Moiseenko from Russia. During the past Continental Tournament in Argentina, Alejandro also defeated GM Alexander Shabalov, and he drew with GM Alexander Morozevich during the last Olympiad.

The new GM Ramirez is being sponsored by GBM of Costa Rica, which is an IBM Alliance Company. It has already supported all the travel expenses for Alejandro and his father. Ramirez has become the first Grand Master ever in Central America, the youngest now in America and the second youngest now in the world (after GM Sergei Karjakin).


Info from Marjorie Alvarez
Costa Rican FIDE Delegate

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