Aeroflot Open rises from the ashes

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1/16/2015 – Tournaments come and go, and it is a fact of life we all understand and accept. When the Aeroflot Open downgraded to a rapid event in 2013, it was not big surprise to read it had been canceled the year after. Imagine the surprise (and delight) to learn that the classic event, which has helped hone the skills of so many, will be back this year. Find out how you can join.

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The classic event has been more than just a massive super-strong series of opens, it has been the proving grounds for the players on the rise, a rich source of norms, and competition for all levels divided into three opens. It also has a richly doted blitz tournament at the end, free of entry for those registered in tournaments A and B.

Winning the A tournament is a notable point of prestige for a player, and has heralded many a new star on the come. What is so special about it that even the grandmasters come with the intention of just playing hard, fighting hard? To start with, there is the cutoff point: you need to be rated 2550 just to qualify. Granted the organizers do make a few exceptions, notably for young players expected to do better than their rating suggests, but no other Open in the world has such a stiff requirement.

In 2010, one player who made a name for himself was none other than a young
Vietnamese player: Quang Liem Le, who has since become a permanent fixture in
the 2700 club. He reinforced that when he won it again in 2011, and later even
won the World Blitz championship.

Still, you do not need a stellar Elo to partake in it, and there is a strong B tournament for players rated from 2300 to 2550 (but not more), or a C tournament for those rated 2299 or less, including unrated players.

Tournament information

The International Chess Festival "Aeroflot Open 2015" will be held in Moscow from 26 March (the date of arrival) to 6 April 2015 (the date of departure) for the twelfth time running.

This major event is open to chess players of most varied qualification: from unrated to having a very high rating. As before, the festival is held “under the wings” of our leading air company –“ Aeroflot – Russian airlines”. The festival will be held in the hotel “Cosmos”, which is one of the largest in Moscow ( over 1700 rooms). The hotel is located in one of the most beautiful and environmentally pure Moscow districts within 20-minutes travelling from Red Square and only 200-m walking from the nearest subway station. This time the festival has the guaranteed prize fund amounting to EUR 140 000 (taking into account the prizes for the Blitz Tournament). There will also be special prizes for the best performance among seniors, women and juniors in all tournaments amounting to EUR 2500 in total.

Three Open Tournaments (A, B and C), each of which is a nine round Swiss event, are made up according to the rating of the participants. Naturally, the greatest interest is aroused by A tournament, requiring from a participant a rating above 2550 and in which usually take part a number of extra class players.

In addition to the Open Tournaments, a Blitz Tournament will be held within the festival. The official accommodation for the participants and also the venue of the Tournament will be at the “Cosmos” hotel.

The Organizers of the Festival are the "Aeroflot-Russian Airlines", the Russian Chess Federation and the Association of Chess Federations.

If you are a player from abroad, there are complete packages with reasonable rates that include airfare, hotel accommodations and inscription fees.

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