Advent calendar: December 1

by ChessBase
12/1/2016 – Christmas is coming, advent is there. Every day, from December 1 to December 24, we invite our readers to open a door in our advent calendar. Each day, a little surprise waits for you. Enjoy!

ChessBase 15 - Mega package ChessBase 15 - Mega package

Find the right combination! ChessBase 15 program + new Mega Database 2020 with 8 million games and more than 80,000 master analyses. Plus ChessBase Magazine (DVD + magazine) and CB Premium membership for 1 year!


"Garry Prep" on a floppy disk

Disks, floppy disks (the younger readers might want to google here). We still have some.

"Garry Prep" is written on one

On another we read: "ChessBase Magazin, Ausgabe 1+2/87" (issue 1 and 2, 1987)

Our contribution to December 1. Back then it was really something to publish so many games at one go. Now we offer to download the annotated games that were on that disk. But back then the magazine that came with an opening review by John Nunn was only in German. We offer it as pdf-download.

But today you do find the games in the Mega 2017. Open the database, go to "sources", and select CBM001 - back then 680 games were a lot. Nunn had played in the Ohra Tournament in Brussels: two wins against Short, a lost Grünfeld against Kasparov, a 6.f4-assault in the Najdorf against Portisch. Nunn sent his comments on disk. Seirawan commented on his loss against Karpov in Brussels (a Petroff). The tournaments: Lugano, Ohra, Swift. Bessel Kok. 


Oh, yes, the first door:

Reports about chess: tournaments, championships, portraits, interviews, World Championships, product launches and more.


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