Advent calendar: December 4

by ChessBase
12/4/2016 – From December 1 to December 24 we invite our readers every day to open a door in our advent calendar. Click and enjoy a little chess treat. Advent calendar, door 4.

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Into the depths of a Winawer line

As readers of the ChessBase Magazine know, listening to Erwin l'Ami talking about chess is an inspiration, and we would like to invite you to enjoy one of his lectures. The grandmaster from the Netherlands often makes interesting discoveries. He regularly studies new material, browses through heavyweight books such as Kotronias' series on the King's Indian and shares his findings and insights with the readers of the ChessBase magazine (see, for example, his valuable and instructive comments on a line of the King's Indian in CBM 174).

Erwin L'Ami on the French Winawer

>> Click here to watch the lecture <<

Here you can see how Erwin l'Ami talks about a line of the French Defence, Winawer, in which Black castles short and White plays Bd3 and Qg4. When l'Ami read the monograph by Emmanuel Berg about this line he had some questions. He tried to answer them and this video, which first appeared in ChessBase Magazine #166 is the result -  here it is as a free gift for the 2nd Advent. 

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