Advent calendar: December 19

by ChessBase
12/19/2016 – From December 1 to December 24 we invite our readers every day to open a door in our advent calendar. Click and enjoy a little chess treat. Today a former World Champion shows a little opening trick. Advent calendar, door 19.

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When Elisabeth Pähtz gave her first video interview for the ChessBase Magazine she was only twelve years old but already a well-known chess personality in Germany.

Elisabeth Pähtz played her first "real" tournament at the age of five and when she was 14 she became German Women Champion. This success at a young age attracted the attention of the media and she repeatedly appeared as a guest in popular TV shows in Germany.

In 2002 Elisabeth Pähtz became World Champion U18 and in 2005 she also became Women's World Junior Champion. Since then Elisabeth Pähtz has been Germany's number one on the women's ranking list and is one of the best women players in the world.

Elisabeth Pähtz recorded two DVDs for ChessBase and is a popular guest at ChessBase TV.

Elisabeth Pähtz coaches local players from Hamburg

Focused - Elisabeth Pähtz at the chessboard

"And what do you do now...?"

When the editorial team was discussing ideas for our advent calendar the idea came up to ask Elisabeth Pähtz if she would like to show a little trick. We just reached her before she was off to the European Blitz and Rapid Championships in Tallinn, Estonia.

"Showing a trick or a trap? Sure. I have to leave soon but I can still record something with my mobile. I once fell into a mean trap in the Philidor. I could show that."

No sooner said than done. Here is Elisabeth Pähtz' recording: 

Here it is once again to study the trap closely:


If you want to get more tips from Elisabeth Pähtz might want to have a look at one of her DVDs.

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And if you liked the thumb on the ChessBase homepage...

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