ACP Survey: What do you think about draws?

2/11/2007 – Short, unfought draws are the bane of chess fans. That at least is the public perception. The Association of Chess Professionals (ACP), which has 227 members, has launched a questionnaire to find a remedy.

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ACP survey on draw offers

In recent years our game experienced quite a few innovations such as:

  • change of the classical time control
  • new system for the World Championship Cycle
  • anti-doping control
  • anti-electronic devices control

One more very important issue has been raised recently after the high level tournaments in Corsica and in Sofia: combatting short draws. Short draws cause frequent complaints from the organizers and disappointment for the public.

All this was subject to discussion among the ACP Board recently. We, therefore, decided to make a poll in order to find out your vision of the problem. We would like to thank everybody who has already taken part in it. As the issue is very important, the deadline for sending back the completed survey has been extended to the 5th of March 2007.

ACP Members as well as all chess players having the FIDE title of International Master (IM or WIM) or International Grandmaster (GM or WGM) are kindly invited to take part in this poll. Please express your opinion! The last day to vote is the 5th of March 2007.

Bartlomiej Macieja
ACP Secretary

ACP Members can vote online

Non ACP Members having the FIDE title of International Master (IM or WIM) or International Grandmaster (GM or WGM) are kindly requested to send back the completed survey to the ACP Secretary Bartlomiej Macieja at

Survey on draw offers

1. A draw offer should be:

a) allowed at any stage of the game (current FIDE rules)
b) allowed after 30 moves of the game are completed
c) allowed after 40 moves of the game are completed
d) allowed after 50 moves of the game are completed
e) not allowed at all (Corsican rule)
f) abstain

2. A draw offer, at the stage where it is allowed, should imply a time penalty in the case it is rejected:

a) yes
b) no
c) abstain

Please give your name, title and correct email address.


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