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3/17/2004 – Are you a grandmaster, and a member of the Association of Chess Professionals? If so you are invited to participate in the first Internet Blitz Tournament staged by the ACP. It will be held from April 12 to 17 and will feature GMs from all over the world. The prize fund is $5000. Here is the invitation of the ACP Board.

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Dear ACP members,

We are glad to announce that the ACP will organize its first event, the ACP Inaugural Tournament, as an Internet Blitz tournament with a prize fund of 5,000 US$, to be held from the 12th until the 17th of April 2004.

The main sponsor of the event is China Communications Corp. ( “ChinaCom”), a company that is building the world’s largest Chinese Business to Business (B2B) Platform. The event is being hosted by ChessBase GmbH on the server at

The ACP Inaugural tournament is open to registered ACP members only, the procedure on how to enter the event is explained in detail on the tournament homepage. All the technical information, such as the exact time control, the event format, the prize distribution, and so on, can be found on the homepage as well. The registration deadline is set on April 8th 2004 at noon.

In order to take part, it is recommended to use the Fritz 8 program to enter the Playchess server. Those who do not possess this program should make themselves known to tournament director Martin Fischer of ChessBase, they will all be provided with a free copy of Fritz 8. If, for some reason, a participant is not able to use Fritz 8, a downloadable interface will be available to enable participation.

The Playchess playing features differ slightly from other servers, it is thus advisable that participants play a few offhand games before the event, in order to feel comfortable once it starts.

Members of the ACP should take note that the success of this tournament will condition future events organized by our association, we therefore strongly encourage all our members to take part in it.

As for those who are not yet members of the ACP, they will be able to enter our following events as soon as they join our association.

We would like to draw your attention to an important issue with respect to Internet chess. ChessBase has developed reliable ways of detecting computer assistance during Internet games and a team of experts will scan all the games played during the ACP event. Should any participants be caught using computer assistance, they will be immediately expelled from the tournament. In addition, ACP will take appropiate action against these players, after hearing them, which may be a ban from future ACP events, including over-the-board tournaments.

We all want fair fights and good sportsmanship, so let the games begin!

With kind regards
The ACP Board


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