Absolute and Women's Championships of Belarus 2011

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2/14/2011 – During the month of January the Belarus national championships were held with a battle for the Absolute fought by the Zhigalko brothers, with Sergey beating Andrey. In the Women's Championship, 26-year-old Anna Sharevich, ex-aerobics instructor and dance teacher, returned home and took the women's title. Here is the photo report by Sergey Kasparov.

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Belarus greets Europe

By Sergey Kasparov

During the month of January the Belarus (formerly known as White Russia) national championships were held. Belarusian chess players are not well-known in the West due to their problems obtaining visas. One exception is Anne Sharevich, which has made a name for herself by virtue of the two German titles won with USV Halle, her team. In her homeland, the grandmaster from Brest (formerly Brest-Litowsk) has worked as a dance and aerobics teacehr and just finished her law studies. Now the 26-year-old has turned her focus to chess and won the national championship. The men's race was a fratricidal struggle, in which Andrey Zhigalko came ahead of his brother Sergey.

A toast to the New Year!

The entrance to the "Chess Palace"

Alexey Fedorov and Andrey Zhigalko

Alexey Federov

Federov and Podolchenko

Sergey Zhigalko

Andrey Zhigalko with his family

The Women's Championship of Belarus

Federov and Zhigalko observing the Women's championship

Anna Sharevich

Ekaterina Bogdan

Ekaterina Morgaenko

Raisa Eidelson

A mini-interview with Anna Sharevich

Are you married?


But you have many admirers.

Naturally I have some admirers, among other things for my physical appearance. But my heart is already taken.

When you're sitting at the chess board, what do you do?

Until recently I was an aerobics instructor and a teacher of Oriental dance. I loved that job, but in the coming months I have a busy schedule of chess tournaments and had to decide which occupations to prioritize. Chess is the most important, and of course my law studies. I am very happy to have completed them with flying colors.

Which chess clubs do you play for?

Only for USV Halle. We were German champions in 2007 and 2010.

Do you have a coach?

I used to be helped a great deal by my father but nowadays I work mostly alone. I am also grateful to Andrey Kovalov, the national team's coach. He gives me a lot of support in the preparation.

What do you estimate your chances of winning the national championsip in 2011?

I prefer not to guess in percentages. I will give my best to be crowned champion.

The winners of the 2011 Absolute Championship of Belarus

1.A.Zhigalko   9,5
2.S.Zhigalko   9,5
3.A.Fedorov    8,5

The complete standings...

The winners of the 2011 Women's Championship of Belarus

1.A.Sharevich  6,5
2.A.Ziazulkina 6
3.R.Eidelson    6

The complete standings...


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