A-Z Guide at Mid Valley Megamall

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7/18/2006 – Have you registered for the Arthur Tan Open, which takes place from August 21–27,2006, in Kuala Lumpur? You have? Then you need to know a few things about the tournament venue. Edwin Lam Choong Wai helps us with a Lonely Planet style survival guide.

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3rd IGB Dato’ Arthur Tan Malaysia Open
A-Z Guide at Mid Valley Megamall

By Edwin Lam Choong Wai

Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur

As you all prepare to come to Mid Valley City – the coliseum of chess battle in the upcoming 3rd IGB Dato’ Arthur Tan Malaysia Open Chess Championship – here’s an A-Z ‘survival guide’ for you! It is a sort of a ‘Lonely Planet’ guide on the various necessities and all the available attractions within Mid Valley City.

I have included within this list, various information to help you settle down at Mid Valley City, if you are coming here for the first time. The A-Z list below will provide you with such necessary information as foreign currency exchange counters, gym workout option and F&B outlets to the various entertainment choices and shopping treats within Mid Valley City.

Just make sure you print this A-Z list and bring it along with you on your flight to Malaysia! See you in August! Jumpa di Mid Valley City!

Mid Valley Megamall with the Boulevard Hotel on the left

- A for Annalakshmi: Located on the Ground Floor of Mid Valley Megamall, this is part of the international chain of Annalakhshimi restaurants that serves the best Indian vegetarian meals (Vishy, you don’t have to worry about not being able to find Indian vegetarian food if you do decide to come and play here!). Also well known to have the best mango lassi in town, the staff’s service is top notch as food is served with a smile. Besides enjoying a wholesome meal in a serene, peaceful environment (of Indian religious music playing in the background), you are also helping out a charitable cause, as all proceeds from the restaurant go to charity!

- B for Bread Story by Jun: Bread Story’s been one of the hottest stories going around KL! Walk in and you will find breads and pastries with such bizarre names as Hand Parcel, Golden Pillow or even Flossy Hottie, on sale! All the breads and pastries there were given such nice names, don’t you think?

- C for Choices: “They have everything there. It is a complete mall with hypermarket, a huge gym, hardware stores, apparel outlets and lots of restaurants. Simply, everything la!” That’s how a close friend of mine put it, when asked how she describes Mid Valley City.

Mid Valley City is always crowded, be it on a weekdays or a weekends

- D for Dragon-I: Care for some Shanghai-nese noodle? Or, perhaps, some authentic xiao long bao? Then, just go straight to Dragon-I, Lobby Level of Cititel Mid Valley.

Terracotta warriors… Are we in Xian, China? No! This is Dragon-I, Mid Valley City

- E for entertainment: For those who are bored, or just needed a break from their daily routine, there’s lots of entertainment option in Mid Valley City. Catch the latest movies at Golden Screen Cinemas, the largest Cineplex in Asia. Or, head for the state-of-the-art 38-lane bowling alley. You can play a game of pool with friends at Brewball or simply chill out with them at the All-Star Sports Café.

- F for Food Court: There are two food courts in Mid Valley Megamall – Oasis Food Court (famed for its pan mee, a kind of noodle soup) on the 2nd Floor and the Food Junction (with its wide selection of Western-Italian-Chinese-Japanese-Malay food) on the 3rd Floor. For Paul Nicholson of Melbourne, the food courts are “…very cheap, by our standards.”

For those with sweet tooth… these local desserts do look really yummy, don’t they?

- G for Gym: California Fitness is unlike the other gyms that you know. Located on the 3rd Floor of Mid Valley Megamall, it offers members a first class, five-star fitness experience.

- H for Hypermarket: Carrefour, the French retailing giant, is located on the Lower Ground of Mid Valley Megamall. Occupying a space of 210,000 sq ft, Carrefour – the second largest retailer in the world – caters for all our household needs, from fresh produce and food products to electrical appliances, textiles, garments and shoes.

- I for IT Center: Mid Valley City’s one-stop IT Center is located on the second floor of Mid Valley Megamall. Find the best bargains for the latest in notebooks, laptops, personal computers, cameras and camcorders, here, at the IT Center!

- J for Jusco: Jusco, the departmental store that originated from Japan, is one of the anchor tenants at Mid Valley Megamall. Good place to shop for clothing and lifestyle merchandise.

- K for kopi: Kopi is the Malay word equivalent to coffee. Caffeine-addicts, rejoice, my friend! At Mid Valley City, not only can you find your occasional ice blended coffee fix at your regular Starbucks, Coffee Bean or Dome Café, but also, our local coffee blend made the Malaysian way at Killiney Kopitiam!

Chess gladiators who lacked sleep need not despair…
go get a cuppa cappuccino before resuming battle

- L for Leonidas: Care for some choc therapy? Then, head straight for the famed, Belgian chocolate store at Lower Ground of Mid Valley Megamall.

- M for MNG: Or, Mango in most other countries. This is the famed international fashion label originating from Spain that offers the best shopping therapy for the urban, chic, modern women of today.

- N for Nike: Need I say more? Just do it!

- O for Oishii: For a chef to hear the phrase “Oishii!” being uttered by a Japanese diner is definitely an honor. This is because, “oishii” means delicious in Japanese! And, in Mid Valley City, one can’t help but say “Oishii!” to your foodie favorites.

- P for personal care: Head straight to L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE, Crabtree & Evelyn or The Body Shop if you want to purchase some bath & shower care. Or, prep up your looks with the latest skin care products that combine all-natural essential oils with modern ingredients at Bobbi Brown.

- Q for queries: Should you still have any queries about Mid Valley Megamall after reading this article, just surf your way up the web at www.midvalley.com.my or contact Mid Valley’s Customer Service Hotline at +603 2938 3333 or email webmaster(a)midvalley.com.my. Mid Valley is also disabled-friendly. Buggies are available to ferry the elderly and those requiring assistance.

- R for Rotiboy: The famed coffee-flavored bun. You don’t need a sniffer dog to detect a freshly-baked Rotiboy coffee bun! Your naked nose can pick up the aroma of a Rotiboy bun from afar.

The famed Rotiboy

- S for San Francisco Steakhouse: Nope, we are not in San Francisco! This is Mid Valley City! But, all the same, you can find in their menu, escargots, caviars, rock oysters, salmon sashimi and how can I forget, the juicy, tender ‘rib-eye-steak’! Oh, there’s also a San Francisco Coffee outlet at Mid Valley City, too!

- T for Topshop: Be it the latest in Spring / Summer or Autumn / Winter collection, you can get it in this UK brand’s high street fashion apparels at Mid Valley.

- U for U2: Fans of U2, the rock group from Dublin, can go and check out their musical idol’s Grammy award winning songs at Tower Records.

- V for vogue fashion: Shopaholics would delight at the various vogue fashion offerings at Mid Valley. From beautifully-designed stilettos to knee-high boots and ballerina flats, the females of the world who have a thing for shoes can satisfy their fetish at Mid Valley.

Shopping… KL offers branded names at affordable prices, especially during seasonal sale

- W for watches: Finding it difficult to decide on what gifts to bring home for your loved ones? A watch can make a good gift! Browse through the range of international brands at various watch outlets in Mid Valley Megamall – from Swatch’s concept store to the Watchshoppe, America Watch and City Chain.

- X for currency eXchange: For those of you who are coming here from abroad, rest assured that there’s quite a few currency exchange services located within Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur. You can choose to go to MV Forex or Wawasan Sentosa. Or, alternately head towards Maybank, Southern Bank Berhad or Bumiputra Commerce Bank.

- Y for young-at-heart: For the young, walk them to MegaKidz, located on the 3rd Floor of Mid Valley Megamall. For those young-at-heart, however, they need no introduction Finnegan’s Irish Pub or the latest in karaoke songs at MyKTV.

- Z for Zara: From the opening of the first Zara store in La Coruna back in 1975, this fashion label has grown into 54 different countries worldwide offering the latest dressing trends for chic, fashionable men and women. And, of course, you can find Zara on the Ground Floor of Mid Valley Megamall!

Caption: Jumpa di Kuala Lumpur! (which is Malay language for ‘see you in Kuala Lumpur’)

Edwin Lam Choong Wai

Registering and accommodation

So, what else are you all waiting for? Go get yourself prepared, register yourself for the tournament and book your flight to Malaysia, today! I hope to see all of you here at Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur this coming August 2006!

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