A talk with Boris Gelfand: Perpetual Chess Podcast #200

by ChessBase
11/4/2020 – For decades Boris Gelfand has been one of the best chess players in the world. The six-time World Championship Candidate, who was born on June 24, 1968, in Minsk, is known for his passion for chess, his deep analyses, and his admiration for Akiba Rubinstein. In episode #200 of the "Perpetual Chess Podcast" Gelfand talks about his career, his life, chess improvement, and his two new books. | Photo: Vladimir Jagr (Archive)

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Episode #200 of the Perpetual Chess Podcast features a special guest: Boris Gelfand!

On episode 200 of Perpetual Chess we are joined by a legend of chess, GM Boris Gelfand! GM Gelfand has been one of the world’s top players since the 1990’s, has amassed countless tournament titles, and played a breathtakingly close World Championship match with GM Viswanthan Anand in 2012. He is also an acclaimed author, and has released recently two new books in cooperation with GM Jacob Aagaard and Quality Chess Books. The books are Decision Making in Major Piece Endings, and Technical Decision Making in Chess. Both are highly instructive reads which lay bare the thought processes of an elite chess player. In our conversation, we discuss his books and their implications for chess improvement. GM Gelfand also shares highlights of and reflections on his own life at and away from the chessboard.

Perpetual Chess Podcast, Episode #200 - GM Boris Gelfand


The new books by Boris Gelfand

Boris Gelfand, Decision Making in Major Piece Endings, Quality Chess 2020, €29,99

Boris Gelfand, Technical Decision Making in Chess, Quality Chess 2020, €29,99


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