A rook full of tricks

3/3/2010 – Okay, the analysis of last week's endgame set you a pretty hard task. But since you are really up to speed on this material, there is an equally hard one for you this week. After 72...Rb4+ (diagram) White had an important decision to take in the game Romanov-Vescovi: should he move his king aside to g5, in order to advance his h-pawn as quickly as possible, or is perhaps 73.Kh3 the better choice? Work out both variations – but be warned: there are all sorts of hidden tricks!

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White to move. Analyse the variations 73.Kg5 and 73.Kh3 and compare your findings with the analysis by Karsten Müller.

Analysis Romanov-Vescovi  by GM Karsten Müller

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