A personal encounter with Magnus Carlsen

by ChessBase
1/24/2012 – A new web site, 1000 Passions, which offers people personal experiences and behind-the-scenes access to different worlds, will provide you with a two-hour game against the world's number one ranked player, with commentary and analysis, followed by a private dinner in casual atmosphere. And the shop and club Chess NYC is offering a whole week's camp with Magnus. Check it out.

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1000 Passions is a new website where people can buy unique personal experiences and gain behind-the-scenes access to the worlds of art, crafts, music, food, film, sports, theater and nature. And now chess, as we see in the current "latest experiences" section:

"Play Chess With Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen", the click-through says and continues:

If you’re a true chess enthusiast, we’ve got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you. 1000passions and Chess NYC invite you to play the most defining chess game of your life, as you pit yourself against the number-one ranked player in the world, Magnus Carlsen.

To say that Magnus is passionate about chess is almost an understatement. He’s been playing the game since he was five years old, becoming a grandmaster at the tender age of thirteen. Two years ago, at age nineteen, Magnus became the youngest chess player in history to be ranked World Number One.

In this exclusive experience, Magnus will share his passion for chess directly with you. You’ll have the chance to play a two-hour game together, with Magnus giving you his commentary and analysis all along the way. After the game, you’ll join Magnus for a private dinner where you can talk about all things chess, in a relaxed and more casual atmosphere. You’ll get a taste of what it’s like to be a world class player, hearing the stories that have defined his career.

This experience will take place in NYC during the week of August 20, 2012, with six dates available. Don’t miss this chance to play chess with the undisputed best in the world!

Price: $2,600 per person, for a private group of 1-4. You can register here.

One game and a dinner not enough for you? Then how about an entire week of camp with Magnus? This is being organised by the 40-year-old, 24 hour chess shop and club Chess NYC, located in the heart of Greenwich Village (230 Thompson St., New York, NY 10012):

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Chess NYC provides further details:

A lucky group of young aspiring Chess Masters and game lovers will spend an entire week of camp with the world's #1 rated grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, a host of Special Guests and Chess NYC Professionals! At a convenient Manhattan Campus TBA. The week will include many special events and culminate with a day of tournament play. GM Magnus Carlsen had this to say about the upcoming excitement. "I am pleased to help support the Growth of Chess NYC, their impressive reach, exciting approach to chess instruction and emphasis on the love and fun of the game is getting global notice. I look forward to a long and strong alliance with the Chess NYC Team, Propper and Makofsky are truly on to something big".

"We are excited!" added Chess NYC President Russ Makofsky. "All of our programs have grown consistently year over year, but we chose the week of August 20th so everyone was out of school and adults could play hooky to be available for this special week of chess play, coaching and celebration tournament"

"We're making chess cool around here" continued Michael Propper, a principal in Chess NYC, "Thank goodness the #1 player on the planet is cool too! We wouldn't have it any other way! An entire, week of chess, hanging and playing with the worlds #1...WOW"

And the price?

  • Early Bird Special : $495 per week received by 12/1 2011
  • "Little too late" Early Bird Special : $595 per week received by 2/31 2011
  • After that: $695 regular price
  • Daily rate: $150

The first 25 weekly applicants play a match with GM Magnus Carlsen, receive an autographed score sheet and an Autographed photo with GM Magnus Carlsen. The 26th to 100th weekly applications will receive an autographed photo or an autographed chess board. You can register here.

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