A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and – <i>Fritz?</i>

6/30/2003 – Summer is here, and people are flocking to exotic places with sandy beaches and luscious palms. Europe's largest computer magazine has dedicated its cover story to preparation for the trip. What must you take along? A notebook, obviously, navigation software, music, and a little brain exercise in the form of Fritz 8. More...

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Computer Bild is Europe's largest computer magazine. In its June 30 issue the cover story tells you how to prepare for a summer trip: Take a notebook with you; install navigation software to get you to your destination safely; use a "global access" account to get onto the Internet; use an inexpensive satellite dish to watch TV programs in your native language; take a memory card reader to store your digital pictures; and take some intelligent, challenging games.

So which game should you take to a sunny beach. Not shoot-em-up or fast action games, says Computerbild. They are not in the spirit of a relaxing holiday. Also who would want to put a giant joystick into his luggage?

No, the appropriate thing is to install a mind, board or card game, so you can also exercise your brain. It is also an excellent antidote to boredom.

Computer Bild has a list of the best games in this category, but explicitely recommends Fritz 8, "which turns your notebook into a genuine chess computer".


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