A Junior 10 Christmas Present

by ChessBase
12/25/2006 – Christmas morning. Did Sinterklaas, the altruistic gentleman contemporarily known as Kris Kringle or Saint Nick, bring you everything you wanted? Just in case, here's a little gift from our Israeli colleagues, Amir Ban and Shay Bushinsky: a new, improved version of the Junior 10 engine, free of charge. Merry Christmas – come and get it!

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The Christmas Junior

Junior 10 has been on sale since August and is one of the standard accessories used by all serious players for their preparation. Now the authors have given us a free update of the engine, which is identical to the version that beat Super-GM Teimour Radjabov earlier this month. It is at least 50 Elo points stronger than the production version of Junior and Deep Junior 10.

In order to receive the free update you must have a legal version of Junior 10 or Deep Junior 10 installed on your computer. If this is the case you can use one of the following links to download the new version:

The zip files contain the setups to install the new engine. We join Amir and Shay in wishing you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous, peaceful New Year.

Junior 10

This chess program, written by Amir Ban and Shay Bushinsky of Israel, has for many years now belonged to the best in the world. At the 14th World Computer Chess Championship, which was held as a side event of the Chess Olympiad in Turin, Junior scored 9/11 to take the title (ahead of Shredder and Rybka). In the very strong field at this event Junior remained unbeaten and triumphed at the end by beating the reigning world champion Shredder [full ChessBase report].

The winning Junior team in action in Turin: Amir Ban (left) and Shay Bushinsky (right)

The greatest strength of Junior lies in its understanding of compensation. This was a remarkable quality already in earlier version, and led to the famous bishop sacrifice on h2 in a match against Garry Kasparov. and now has been honed to perfection in Version 10.

Junior's famous bishop sacrifice in a tournament game against
Garry Kasparov [here's an interesting article on this incident]

For chess programs the comprehensive of concepts like compensation translates into a view beyond the horizon. It also makes the new computer world champion a particularly attractive chess partner, not only in direct training bouts, but also for chess study and analysis, especially of sacrifices or generally sharp, dynamic positions.

Junior 10 is available in the ChessBase Shop. It provides you with twelve months of free access to the Playchess.com server. You also get the latest openings book which is continually enhanced and improved by GM Boris Alterman, a member of the Junior team. Deep Junior 10 is a special version that runs on multi-processor systems, making it much faster than the single-processor Junior 10.

Order it now:

Junior 10 – for single processors

€ 49.99 (incl. VAT)   US $54.30 (without VAT)

Deep Junior 10 – multi-processor version  

€ 99.99 (incl. VAT) US $108.61 (without VAT)

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