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12/9/2003 – On July 11 this year Kenneth Whyld, one of the great chess historians, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 77. Now a special association has been formed, bearing his name. Its goal: to create a comprehensive bibliographical database recording the entirety of chess literature. Chess friends all over the world are asked to contribute to the success of the Ken Whyld Association

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The Ken Whyld Association

"Always forgive your
enemies; nothing annoys
them so much."

(Ken Whyld)


Kenneth Whyld was a world-famous chess historian who co-authored the Oxford Companion to Chess. This 1984 work was written with the late David Hooper and revised ten years ago. It remains the standard work of reference on chess history.

After his passing in July the Ken Whyld Association has been formed. It's goal is to bring together information from collectors of chess literature and chess libraries, and thus give the public access to it.

The aim of the KWA is the comprehensive bibliographical recording of the entirety of chess literature in a database. That is certainly a very ambitious undertaking, which can only be realized to a large extent and in a reasonable time by means of a worldwide network. Chess friends of all countries and continents are asked to contribute to the success of this project by giving their assistance.

The initiator of this idea is the Dutch collector Dr Jurgen Stigter, whose appeal led to the formation of the ”Amsterdam Group” in November 2002. After one year of preparation, the official foundation of our Association took place in November 2003.


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