A chess tournament at sea (2)

by Michael Dombrowsky
10/29/2017 – On its way from Copenhagen to Miami the cruiser Norwegian Getaway stopped at the Azores, nine islands that formed by volcanic eruptions. The landscape seemed to have inspired the players who produced tense and exciting games. | Photo: Beltz

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Chess under the Volcano

When the cruiser "Norwegian Getaway" sailed from Copenhagen to Miami the sea was not always quiet. Neither were the games played in the tournament on board. With two rounds to go nine players had chances to win. Perhaps the participants were inspired by visiting the Azores. The nine islands which are the result of volcanic eruptions still show that they are seething within.

The "hot springs" still erupt high fountains of hot water. Yet the quiet surface of the lakes in the volcanoes makes the landscape look idyllic. But as the islanders say: "The volcanoes are not dead — they are only sleeping."


Geysers | Photo: Beltz

Very much alive was the fighting spirit of the players at the New in Chess Cup tournament organised by Jörg Hickl. At any rate, they fought hard after visiting the islands. With two rounds to go tournament leader Julius Moelvig (Denmark) was only one point ahead of the player on place nine.

The "game of the day" in round five was played by Julius Moelvig and Frank Wagner. It ended in a draw. A hard-fought draw. Frank Wagner (with Black) could have won on move 28, Julius Moelvig could have won on move 37.

Julius Moevig

Julius Moevig | Photo: Beltz


A few moves later:


Final standings                                     

Rk. Name Pts.  TB1 
1 Moelvig Julius Printzlau 6,0 28,5
2 Moelvig Henrik Peter 5,0 30,5
3 Dombrowsky Michael Rudolf 5,0 25,5
4 Wagner Frank 4,5 30,5
5 Käsemann Holger Dr. 4,0 28,5
6 Hellmann Thomas 4,0 28,0
7 Kopischke Maik 4,0 24,0
8 Hilbenz Guntram Dr. 4,0 22,5
9 Grunwald Günther 4,0 21,0
10 Fernandez Garcia Alfonso Javier 3,5 25,5
11 Wunderlich Frank 3,5 25,5
12 Ludwig Ines Louise 3,5 21,0
13 Ebeling Hans-Jürgen 3,0 20,5
14 Limper Cornelia 3,0 18,5
15 Moujan Pablo Miguel 2,5 23,0
16 Back Andreas 2,5 22,0
17 Manthe Jörn Horst 1,0 21,0
18 Kolkmann Cornelis 0,0 18,0


Michael had been working for almost 40 years as editor and journalist for various newspapers and magazines before he started to write chessbooks. His first chess book was "Berliner Schachlegenden", in which he tells about the lives of a number of famous chess players in Berlin which gives insights into the history of Berlin and a chess culture of the past.


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