A chess tournament in South Africa – part 2

by ChessBase
8/14/2013 – The event had 14 participants, all of them with international titles: six GMs, four IMs and four FMs. It was duly won, a point ahead of the field, by our roving reporter GM Alexander Ipatov, the second seed. Alex used his time in Cape Town well: he gave a simul, held a lecture, went diving for great whites, met pro wrestlers and took flying lessons in a small plane. You know, just the usual stuff GMs do.

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You have probably read part one of my report. Before I continue with my other adventures in South Africa a few words about the chess tournament itself. The GM section had 14 participants, all of them with international titles: six GMs, four IMs and four FMs. It was the first GM tournament in history of South Africa! From the fifth round all games were broadcast live on the official website. During games fruits, drinks, chocolates and cookies were served for participants and guests. The playing hall was very comfortable, also we could enjoy the Table Mountain’s view out of the window. The organizers did everything that players could concentrate on the game and not worry about other things. Maybe, that was the reason why I played fighting chess almost in all games!

IM Watu Kobese, a legend of African chess, contributed very much to the organization of the event

GM Marc Arnold, a good friend, strong grandmaster and student at Indiana University

Playing against GM Sergei Tiviakov, my main rival for the first place. We faced each
other in the third round, I played agressively but Sergei defended well — draw.

Final Ranking (after nine rounds)

Rk. Name FED Rtg Pts.  TB1   TB2  w we w-we rtg+/-
1 GM Ipatov Alexander TUR 2583 8.0 42.0 35.75 8 6.26 1.74 17.4
2 GM Tiviakov Sergei NED 2654 7.0 45.0 33.50 7 7.04 -0.04 -0.4
3 GM Arnold Marc T USA 2525 5.5 46.0 27.25 5.5 5.59 -0.09 -0.9
4 IM Gwaze Robert ZIM 2433 5.0 45.5 20.50 5 4.50 0.50 5.0
5 GM Tischbierek Raj GER 2422 5.0 42.5 19.25 5 4.72 0.28 2.8
6 GM Kasparov Sergey BLR 2470 5.0 42.0 18.50 5 5.09 -0.09 -0.9
7 IM Emojong Elijah UGA 2311 4.5 42.0 16.75 4.5 3.46 1.04 15.6
8 FM Cawdery Daniel RSA 2345 4.5 37.0 13.75 4.5 4.17 0.33 4.9
9 GM Haznedaroglu Kivanc TUR 2417 4.0 42.0 13.50 4 4.66 -0.66 -6.6
10 IM Gluckman David RSA 2250 3.5 36.0 11.75 3.5 3.34 0.16 1.6
11 FM Van Den Heever D. RSA 2280 3.5 34.0 12.50 3.5 3.87 -0.37 -5.6
12 IM Kobese Watu RSA 2343 3.0 38.5 11.25 3 4.51 -1.51 -15.1
13 FM De Villiers Charles RSA 2255 3.0 38.5 8.25 3 3.20 -0.20 -3.0
14 FM Solomons Deon RSA 2179 1.5 36.0 5.00 1.5 2.59 -1.09 -16.4

At family Zidek’s home: IM Elijah Emojong (Uganda), GM Sergey Kasparov
(Belarus), me, and GM Kivanc Haznedaroglu (Turkey)

As a part of my appearance in DSK Chess Tournament, I played two
simultaneous exhibitions – and scored 19-1 and 14-0 ...

... and conducted a lecture together with IM Watu Kobese. Thanks again, Watu!


With my very good friends Achim Zidek and Marc Arnold and a scenically spectacular soccer game

Most of the time before and after games I spent with Achim and Mark. Twice we went to swim in the ocean – however the water temperature was about 13-14° C and there is always a chance we would be welcomed by a great white shark. Every year people (especially surfers) get attacked by this monster.

On the day after the last round GM Kivanc Haznedaroglu and I woke up at 03.15 a.m. in order to go to shark cage diving in Gansbaai, which is about a 2½ hour drive from Cape Town. This is quite an amazing adventure, because you can see a great white sharks – da-dum, da-dum – under the water, about one meter from your face! Of course, we were in special cages, otherwise I would surely not be writing this report.

Going down in the water. The camera which you can see in Kivanc's hand is now
somewhere at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Sorry again, Gerald!

But at least we got a shot of this beauty

I cannot say I fully enjoyed this adventure, since I got seasick riding the big waves all day. However, my mood improved tremendeously after I met a group of American wrestlers in the shark diving center on our way back. That was very funny, because I already had tickets for their show in Cape Town, a day later! Just an unbelievable coincidence!

I was happy to get a picture with my favourite female wrestler Celeste Bonin (known as «Kaitlyn») ...

... and Randy Orton, who is much more famous than Kaitlyn. But she was the
first one whom I recognized among their group.

After I explained to Kivanc who are these guys were, he also wanted a picture
with them. Above he stands with Lord Tensai and Brodus Clay

As mentioned, the day later Achim and I went for WWE World Tour 2013 at Grandwest Casino in Cape Town. Again I saw Kaitlyn, Orton and other famous wrestlers (like Sheamus or Alberto del Rio). It was prohibited to record video or take shots with a professional camera, so had to use my amateur one…

Randy Orton in his working clothes...

... and in action in the ring

Justin Gabriel, born in Cape Town but now part of the WWE in USA, is a popular local hero

In South Africa I tried a new experience in my life: co-pilot a small aircraft

Of course, next to me was a professional pilot, otherwise once again this report would never be written!

A plane from the Sovjet era, but still in use

Well, I've arrived at Istanbul Airport, so this is the end of the article. What I can say in conclusion? I will certainly travel again to South Africa, because I like people there and, of course, adventures too! A chess boom is coming to the country, so this is one more reason to visit it again!

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