A chess holiday in Thailand

by ChessBase
6/9/2005 – From the dark and sometimes cramped conditions of Europe to a five-star resort on the East Coast of Thailand, – chess buffs took the opportunity live it up and do what they love to do: win a game or a tournament. This year the Bangkok Chess club is holding its 5th annual competition at the Regent Beach Resort Cha-am. Illustrated report.

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Young Grey Matter meets Grandmasters

At one of the most beautiful resorts on the East cost of Thailand, The Regent Beach Resort Cha am just two and a half-hours from Bangkok. The Bangkok Chess Club is setting a new standard in Luxury in what many would call the ancient art of chess they are waving the flag of Tourism Tournaments.

The venue in the five-star Regent Beach Resort Chaam

This is the fifth Bangkok Chess Club Tournament and has attracted some notable Grandmasters, Ian Rogers, Shaobin Wu, Eugenio Torre and Tejas Bakre with many other International Masters, FIDE Masters plus what we are seeing more and more is Women Masters and Women Grandmasters.

Anya Corke vs GM Ian Rogers

In this event we have Ms Anya Corke a Woman Grandmaster from Hong Kong, at 14 years of age she sure packs a punch around the chessboard.

The later tournament winner Ian Rogers during a training session

The revival of Chess is attracting a new bread of player and new formats blitz, lightening and online, with these newer formats it’s easier to get interested and learn. Educators are also encouraging chess in schools as a meaningful activity. Now with the Tourism Tournament and the younger age group it is turning to be a whole family activity, at this event we have some families of 5 some playing chess, some playing in the pool and some doing both.

Top GM from the Philippines Eugenio Torre

High-ranking players are now going on tour with their family to some exotic places, Cha-am, Thailand this year Queenstown, New Zealand next. With over a hundred players registered for this event representing 24 countries. The resort style event is sure to be a winning format as it not only suits the Grandmaster on tour it is also good for families wishing to do something together and what better way to improve than to rub shoulders with the best.

Chinese GM Shaobin Wu

The four-day tournament format is standard ninety-minutes plus 30 seconds a move. And on Monday there is a blitz tournament for those who enjoy high speed chess. So if you are planning value holiday never overlook Thailand and now with this premier chess event no better reason to visit South East Asia. Pencil in Thailand and The Bangkok Chess club for your up coming vacation. The BCC meets twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays at the Bull’s Head and Admiral’s Restaurant both centrally located and on the ski train route look them up

Indian GM Tejas Bakre

Chess Just won't go away!

In the tournament environment your world centers on the chessboard in front of you, are you ready? Is it crush or be crushed? You show no mercy and chop slowly away your opponent’s Sicilian defense. What will they through at you, will your counter attach work? Minutes turn into hours a battle of the brains, you are in a Zen state, is the clock your friend or your enemy? One slip at this stage could result in a loss for either player, a five hour strategic war can end in a split second, the adrenaline pumps around the players’ veins and keeps them in the state of Vidal.

Chess has modernized in resent years and this new enthusiasm has brought a new player. Younger and younger. At this years event there are children from all parts of Asian, Brunei, Bangladesh, China Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and some up and coming Thais as well, the youngest being only nine years of age. They come with their families or as part of a Nation Team.

Nothing has superceded chess for teaching strategy, logic, patience and an all round chronological work out. The stock exchange of Thailand, Volvo Cars Thailand and other sponsors are all eager to have their names associated with the Brain Sport.

Beachside blitz with Eugenio Torre and Ian Rogers

GM Ian Rogers was the outright winner, however everyone wins at a Thai beach resort and with the new breed of younger player this format is a sure winner. Asian youth players will soon be meeting in the resort town of Phattaya, 13th – 19th June. Long games thirty minute and blitz format to suit everyone.

The winners lined up – where else but at the beach

Report by Matthew Brady, all pictures by Arnold Essing

Final standings

1. GM ROGERS Ian AUS 2576 40½
2. GM TORRE Eugenio PHI 2530 38½
3. GM WU Shaobin SIN 2513 7 37½
4. IM SHETTY Rahul IND 2348 34½
5. IM NADERA Barlo A PHI 2424 34½
6. BARBOSA Oliver PHI 2342 34
7. GM BAKRE Tejas IND 2474 33½
8. ESSING Arnold GER 2263 31½
9. THEERAPABPAISIT Wisuwat THA 2243 6 31
10. FM DALY Colm FID 2358 6 30½
11. HOFFMAN Ron NED 2125 6 30
12. FM REILLY Tim AUS 2301 6 30
13. SENADOR Emmanuel PHI 2409 33
14. CHATTERJEE Devraz BAN 2246 32
15. THAMTAVATVORN Taweechai THA 2237 31½
16. WGM CORKE Anya HKG 2138 28
17. Wei Yee Soon BRU 2129 26
18. WIM MENDOZA Beverly PHI 2150 25½
19. BEGUM Masuda BAN 2031 25
20. Yutithamnon Surapole THA 1667 22½

Picture Gallery of Bangkok

The Great Palace in Bangkok

The big open-air market

Delicious wok-fried locust and other insect dishes to taste

A very common means of transport

River-side houses in the old Bangkok district of Thon Buri

Wood carving

Elephant camp in the jungle

Cooling off time for the work force

And for human tournament chess players


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