7th European Championships start in Kusadasi

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4/5/2006 – With 85 GMs (20 over 2600) and 37 IMs from 36 countries in the men's section, and 81 titled players from 27 countries in the women's section, this is a stellar event. The five-star accommodation and a €78.000 prize fund have tempted a total of 234 to the beautiful western Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Big pictorial report.

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7th European Individual Championships

The Seventh European Individual Chess Championships are taking place from April 4th to 17th in Kuşadası, Turkey. It is organised by the Turkish Chess Federation under the auspices of the European Chess Union.

There are 85 GMs, 37 IMs and 6 FMs from 36 countries in the Men Individual Chess Championship, and 2 GMs, 20 IMs, 1 FM, 27 WGMs, 22 WIMs and 10 WFMs from 27 countries in the Women Individual Chess Championship.

The total prize fund, including amateur and professionals categories, is €78.000. A total of 16 players from the men's section and 12 from the women's will qualify for the next cycle of the FIDE World Cup. The players are staying in the five-star Korumar Hotel, located on one of the best beaches of Kuşadası. It is also the venue of the tournament.

Kuşadası (pronounced koo-sha-da-se) is on the western coast of Turkey.

The beautiful seaside resort town of Kuşadası – further details here

Big firework display at the start of the event

The event is being covered on the web site of the Turkish Chess Federation, which has all the basic information. There is a special tournament site programmed entirely in Flash (and not for the faint-hearted). You can view the games live there, download a PGN file, and access pairings, standings and cross tables in Excel. Daunting. As of writing only the games of round one are available. As soon as the ones of round two are there we will add them to the file given at the bottom of this page.

The games are also being transmitted live on the Playchess server, thanks to the kind cooperation of the TCF, the organisers and our very virtuoso SysOp Holger Lieske, who somehow manages to relay scores of games using just two PCs. Since a very large number of games are running at the same time, you might want to try the following Fritz 9 feature to view the best one.

In the broadcast room click "Best Game" (or press F10). This normally loads the top game in any room, but here it will load the six best games simultaneously in the board window. These are games marked by the broadcaster as being especially interesting.

In the above picture you can see how the Fritz 9 client has loaded six top games from round one. In this mode you can switch on an engine and jump from board to board to see where the action is. Whenever you are on a board the chess engine will start to analyse that position. In our picture we are on the Ctivan-Ivanchuk game, which Fritz tells us is a "Queen's Gambit Declined, Semi-Slav without ...Nf6". Black has two knights for a bishop (White is pondering on how to recapture the knight on g3).

The Fritz 9 engine shows a 0.39 advantage for Black, after 1 min 22 seconds of thought at a search depth of 15/36 (all moves checked to 13 ply, some lines followed to 36 ply). If you get really interested in one particular game then you can double-click it, which makes it fill the entire board area. Double-click again to get back to the six board overview. If you think this Fritz 9 feature is really neat, and the author really cool for telling you about it, send us an applause on the Playchess server. Also to Holger Lieske for broadcasting and marking the games.

Picture Gallery

By Frits Agterdenbos

Hotel Korumar in Kuşadası, where the players are staying – and playing

The badges are ready, the participants can enter

Gery Walsh, member of the Appeals Commitee, gets a mugshot taken for the badge

The tournament poster

Technical Meeting with Boris Kutin (ECU President, Appeals Commitee), Ali Nihat Yazici (TCF President) and Tahsin Aktar (General Coordinator)

The playing hall of the Men's section

Top twenty players (rated 2600+)
  Name Nat Title Elo
1 Ivanchuk Vassily UKR GM 2723
2 Georgiev Kiril BUL GM 2677
3 Naiditsch Arkadij GER GM 2664
4 Moiseenko Alexander UKR GM 2662
5 Izoria Zviad GEO GM 2647
6 Jobava Baadur GEO GM 2646
7 Gashimov Vugar AZE GM 2644
8 Gurevich Mikhail TUR GM 2643
9 Delchev Aleksander BUL GM 2640
10 Sakaev Konstantin RUS GM 2637
11 Fressinet Laurent FRA GM 2633
12 Atalik Suat TUR GM 2627
13 Galkin Alexander RUS GM 2618
14 Fedorov Alexei BLR GM 2614
15 Guseinov Gadir AZE GM 2610
16 Lutz Christopher GER GM 2608
17 Kozul Zdenko CRO GM 2606
18 Socko Bartosz POL GM 2606
19 Kacheishvili Giorgi GEO GM 2605
20 Iordachescu Viorel MDA GM 2601

Top seed Vassily Ivanchuk

Zviad Izoria of Georgia

Top Turkish GM Suat Atalik

Playing for Turkey: Mikhail Gurevich

Moiseenko Alexander of Ukraine

Samba Cup and Aeroflot winner Baadur Jobava and his mother Liana Chkhapelia

The first move on the board 1 game Ognjen Cvitan vs Vassily Ivanchuk

Top sixteen women players (rated 2400+)
  Name Nat Title Elo
1 Stefanova Antoaneta BUL GM 2502
2 Dembo Yelena GRE IM 2464
3 Mkrtchian Lilit ARM IM 2453
4 Dzagnidze Nana GEO IM 2442
5 Pogonina Natalija RUS WGM 2440
6 Paehtz Elisabeth GER IM 2438
7 Sebag Marie FRA IM 2434
8 Gaponenko Inna UKR IM 2430
9 Khurtsidze Nino GEO IM 2426
10 Zhukova Natalia UKR WGM 2425
11 Arakhamia-Grant Ketevan GEO IM 2423
12 Danielian Elina ARM IM 2422
13 Kachiani-G Ketino GER IM 2421
14 Muzychuk Anna SLO WGM 2419
15 Javakhishvili Lela GEO IM 2410
16 Peptan Corina-Isabela ROM IM 2408

Pictures from the women's section to follow in the next report (we promise).

Frits Agterdenbos, 45, lives in Heemstede, not far from Amsterdam, and was one of the leading chess photographers in the eighties. From 1979–1991 his pictures appeared in several magazines, including New in Chess, Schakend Nederland, Inside Chess, BCM, Chess, Europe Echecs and Schach. In 1984 his Dutch book “64 Schaakportretten” (in English “64 Chess Portraits”) was published. In 1991 he “retired” as a chess photographer to finish his studies and in 1997 he received a diploma as an insurance mathematician (actuary). Since 1998 he has been self-employed, working under the company name “Acturix”, which is his actuarial consultancy firm.

In 2005 he picked up his old passion, becoming again a chess photographer, and publications show he still knows how to handle his camera. Now he combines his insurance job and chess photography. You will find his photos on Chessbase.com, Schaakbond.nl, and Schaaklog.nl, and many more websites and magazines. You can contact him under f.agterdenbos(at)acturix.com (insert "@" at the appropriate place).


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