3rd ACP World Rapid Cup in Odessa

by ChessBase
5/23/2009 – This rapid chess knockout event, sponsored by the PIVDENNY Bank and organised by the ACP, has 16 grandmasters participating. It lasts from May 22 to 24 and is being staged in the Odessa National Academy of Law. The prize fund is US $57,000. The games last from 12 noon to 9 p.m. and are being broadcast on Playchess.com. We bring you a first big pictorial report.

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The 3rd ACP World Rapid Cup is organised by the PIVDENNY Bank and the Association of Chess Professionals in Odessa, Ukraine. This knockout tournament is taking place 22nd-24th May 2009 in the Odessa National Academy of Law. The prize fund is US $57,000. 16 grandmasters are participating: 13 players who performed best in the ACP Tour 2007/2008 + 3 Wild Cards given by the organizers.

First day report

By Anastasiya Karlovich

The 3rd ACP World Rapid Cup in Odessa with 16 players started on Friday. It is organized by the Pivdenniy Bank in the Odessa National Academy of Law and goes from 22nd – 24th May 2009.

During the first day eight knockout rounds were played. The first games started at 12 noon, and the rounds finished at 9 p.m. It was a great chance for spectators to fallow different matches during the day. Every match consists of two rapid games, two blitz games and one Armageddon to break ties. The time control for the rapid games is 20 minutes per game, with an increment of five seconds per move. In the blitz games the players have three minutes, with an increment of two seconds per move.

Results of the first day

1st round 2nd round 3rd round semi-final Final
A. Grischuk


A. Grischuk
P. Eljanov
A. Moiseenko


A. Moiseenko
E. Bacrot
S. Movsesian


S. Movsesian
P. Tregubov
A. Karpov


P. Svidler
P. Svidler
M. Gurevich


D. Jakovenko
D. Jakovenko
Y. Drozdovskij


A. Naiditsch
A. Naiditsch
E. Najer


B. Gelfand
B. Gelfand
V. Gashimov


V. Gashimov
Z. Efimenko

Picture Gallery

By Anastasiya Karlovich

Entrance of the Odessa National Academy of Law with a statue of Femida

A church near the academy where students can pray before their exams

The Chairman of a large Ukrainian Bank “Pivdenniy” and the President of ACP Vadim Morokhovsky

The President of the Odessa Academy of Law Sergey Kivalov

One of the partners of the event, the General Director of VISA Gan-Mark Tonti, trying to find the best move in the spectacular game against Sergey Kivalov. During his speech he announced that VISA has produced new debit card with the original chess design from Bank “Pivdenniy”.

Participant of the ACP Cup Anatoly Karpov, and commentator Viktor Korchnoi

During the opening ceremony they are friends: Etienne Bacrot and Arkadij Naiditsch

GM Yuri Drozdovskiy from Odessa giving an interview to a national TV channel

Yuri's girlfriend WGM Natalia Zdebska

The secret of success from Dmitry Jakovenko: a short nap before the games

The playing hall.

First knockout match between Peter Svidler and Anatoliy Karpov: the rapid games were drawn, in the first blitz game Karpov lost with black, and was also pawn down and worse position in the second one. But suddenly Svidler transformed the game to the rook ending a pawn down and was close to losing, but succeed in making a draw.

In the first rapid game Sergey Movsesian (left) defeated Pavel Tregubov and the draw in the second game brought him to the next level

Viktor Korchnoi comments on the games for spectators

Vugar Gashimov (left) won the first game in the match against Zahar Efimenko. The second game looked very promising for the Ukrainian player, who found good chances in Russian defense but missed perpetual check.

Vugar with his brother and manager

A TV screen with a game Gelfand- Najer.
During the press conference the Russian player explained that at the end of the second game the position was close to a draw, but it was not easy for him to play it under time pressure.

A relaxed Boris Gelfand after the successful match

Zahar Efimenko during the press conference

A spectator following a game on the flat-panel monitor

The favorite son of Odessa Yuri Drosdovskiy (left) was defeated by German player Arkadij Naiditsch in the blitz tiebreak, after their two rapid games were drawn.

Mikhail Gurevich, the champion of four different countries (USSR, Ukraine, Belgium and Turkey). During the press conference he promised not to continue his “multi champions” record, which can not be broken so easy.

Dmitry Jakovenko looking happy after his victory over Gurevich

Director of the tournament WGM Masha Klimova.

A tought match for Ukrainian player Pavel Eljanov (left), who some days ago he had won a strong tournament in Bosnia and had no time to rest. The winner: Alexander Grischuk (right).

Alexander Moiseenko (right) knocked out French star Etielnne Bacrot


The games are being broadcast live on the official web site and on the chess server Playchess.com. If you are not a member you can download the free PGN reader ChessBase Light, which gives you immediate access. You can also use the program to read, replay and analyse the PGN games.

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