21 years of the Czech Open in Pardubice

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7/22/2010 – The Czech Open, an international chess and games festival, is the largest chess open in Europe, with well over 1600 players taking part in the historical Czech town, Pardubice. The event includes a grandmaster tournament, part of the ACP World Series, several opens, and the Under-18 European Youth Chess Teams Championship. See the pictorial overview.

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The Czech Open, an international chess and games festival, began Thursday, June 15th, in Pardubice, Czech Republic. The Czech Open Festival is a part of  series of  international chess festivals that are part of the Czech Tour 2010/2011.

This year marks the 21st year of this festival tradition. There were 1618 players from 46 countries registered by 30th June 2010,  including 61 GM (WGM) and 91 IM (WIM ). Players can choose from almost 30 different types of chess tournaments.

The most important event is the Pardubice Open grandmaster tournament belonging to the ACP world series. Taking part in this tournament are two-time winner GM Babula (CZE, 2533), former winners GM  Korobov (UKR, 2657) and GM Grigoriants (RUS, 2566) as well as GMs Potkin (RUS, 2626), Zakhartsov (RUS, 2608), Safarli (AZE, 2603), Kononenko (UKR, 2590), Rakhmanov (RUS, 2590) and Stocek (CZE, 2587).

The first tournament of the Czech Open Festival is the Under-18 European Youth Chess Teams Championship with 8 teams of boys and 12 of girls registered in it. The tournament starts on Thursday the 15th and will be broadcast online.

Other important tournaments at the festival are the Open European Amateurs Championships for Elo < 2000 and Elo  < 1800. These tournaments started on June 23rd and 24th.

More information about the festival and results of all tournaments can be found at the Czech Open website.

The Green gate (Zelená brána) is a renaissance gate with a
façade depicting the Lords of Pardubice. The tower is 60 metres
tall and provides a magnificent view.

Pardubice is a divergent city situated in the eastern part of the Czech Republic and lies on the junction of Labe and Chrudimka rivers. The city was founded more than 700 years ago and today has over 90,000 inhabitants.  It is a city known for sports, horses and gingerbread. Pardubice is famous for the Velka Pardubicka Steeplechase, the most prestigious cross-country horse race in Europe, and the Golden Helmet. The city is also home to the historically first railway route going from Olomouc to Prague and one of the biggest railway stations in the world. There is also an international airport and very soon the city will also be reachable by boat.

Pernstynske Square at dusk. This renaissance square is the town's main square
and was originally built in late Gothic, but today also has houses in Baroque, Rococo,
Classicism and the Empire architecture.

Pardubice's City Hall.

Pardubice's town theater.

Chateau Pardubice dominates the town and is home to the Eastern Bohemian
Museum and the Eastern Bohemian Gallery. The interior contains some of the oldest
Renaissance wall paintings in Bohemia, as well as the original stone decorated
portals, vaults, and painted Renaissance lacunar ceilings.

The chateau's museum also has unique exhibits including the
largest Central European Collection of Picture Postcards – Orbis
Pictus, the singular Collection of Czech Atelier Glass of the
20th Century, and the valuable Collection of Weapons.

The Weapons Collection exhibit in the Eastern Bohemian Museum.

Josef Váňa and Tiumen, winners of the 119th Velká Pardubická Steeplechase,
the most prestigious cross-country horse race in Europe


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