2012 Moscow Open won by Igor Lysyj and Marina Romanko

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2/13/2012 – The classic Moscow Open was given renewed life and prestige as it was brought under the auspices of the Russian State Social University which expanded it to nine events, with the main Open, the Women's Open, student and amateur events, as well as the Fifth World Cup of Problem Solving, a Shogi tournament, and a qualifier for the World Blitz Chess Championship. Large illustrated report.

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Moscow Open festival

The prestigious Russian State Social University

Outside was a beautful ice sculpture display with chess pieces

The classic Moscow Open was given renewed life and prestige as it was brought under the auspices of the Russian State Social University where it was held from January 27 to February 5, 2012. The main open is usually among the strongest opens in the world and also serves as a warmup for the Aeroflot Open which starts right after.

Among the VIP guests were Anatoly Karpov and FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

The RSSU expanded the number of events into a veritable festival with no fewer than nine individual competitions, with the main Open, the Women's Open, student and amateur events, as well as the Fifth World Cup of Problem Solving, a Shogi (Japanese chess) tournament, a qualifier for the World Blitz Chess Championship, and a series of seminars to train FIDE instructors and arbiters. The RSSU guaranteed locale on their premises and a US$100,000 prize fund.

The guests are given a tour of the university

More than this, the organizers put together a very well organized website with reports by Maria Manakova, and a massive amount of pictures covering all the events taken by professional photographer Julia Manakova.

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony lived up to the event with displays of traditional dances...

... and the Men in White.

The main open

The main event was attended by 190 players from fifteen countries, and included a staggering 62 grandmasters. There were no Elo limitations, so any ready for hard competition, or no qualms about being beaten up regularly, were welcome to participate.

Ernesto Inarkiev put in a commendable effort and came second

The Elo-favorite was Ernesto Inarkiev, rated 2689, though forced to content himself with second place. First was GM Igor Lysyj (2633) with 7.5/9 with a 2847 perfomance, while tied with Inarkiev with 7.0/9 were GM Dmitry Kokarev, and untitled 15-year-old Urii Eliseev who had an impressive 2762 performance.

Igor Lysyj was the proud winner of the 2012 Moscow Open

The prize giving ceremony

The lovely prize givers

American GM Ray Robson came to play in both the Moscow Open and the Aeroflot
as training and preparation for the US Championship.

Concentration was the name of the game

I'm telling you, the engine is wrong

Final standings of main open

Rk Tit Name FED Rtg Pts  Perf
1 GM Lysyj Igor  RUS 2633 7,5 2847
2 GM Inarkiev Ernesto  RUS 2689 7 2739
3 GM Kokarev Dmitry  RUS 2618 7 2782
4   Eliseev Urii  RUS 2435 7 2762
5 GM Maletin Pavel  RUS 2575 6,5 2661
6 GM Lastin Alexander  RUS 2538 6,5 2653
7 GM Aleksandrov Aleksej  BLR 2612 6,5 2669
8 GM Socko Bartosz  POL 2636 6,5 2669
9 GM Svetushkin Dmitry  MDA 2598 6,5 2629
10 GM Dubov Daniil  RUS 2498 6,5 2686
11 GM Chadaev Nikolai  RUS 2556 6,5 2615
12 GM Romanov Evgeny  RUS 2628 6,5 2656
13 GM Kurnosov Igor  RUS 2648 6,5 2651
14 GM Deviatkin Andrei  RUS 2574 6,5 2600
15 IM Goganov Aleksey  RUS 2497 6 2679
16 GM Ni Hua  CHN 2641 6 2647
17 GM Kovchan Alexander  UKR 2565 6 2680
18 GM Khairullin Ildar  RUS 2638 6 2612
19 GM Khismatullin Denis  RUS 2664 6 2604
20 GM Andreikin Dmitry  RUS 2688 6 2644
21 GM Bu Xiangzhi  CHN 2670 6 2625
22 GM Gabrielian Artur  RUS 2545 6 2613
23 IM Venkatesh M.R.  IND 2499 6 2684

Women's Open

The Women's Cup of Russia event was also a nine-round siwss with 154 players, inlcuding 14 grandmasters. The tournament went to the tape and was only decided in the last round when Russian Marina Romanko was the only one among the group of leaders to decide her game and first prize. Six players tied for places second through seventh with 7.0/9, with Chinese Gian Huang in second by tiebreak followed by Daria Charochkina.

The prize-winning podium of the Women's event

Hmm... That looks exactly like the third game of Fischer-Spassky.

The traditional garb is still worn with pride

To our readers: send us your best labels for this picture!

The start of a lifelong rivalry or friendship?

Things that make you go 'Hmmm!'

Our favorite classroom scene: lovely ladies playing chess

A penny for her thoughts

Let's see...King's Indian? Nimzo? Fool's Mate!

It isn't all just established champions or rising stars

Hou has company

The old and the new

So young and so serious

Armenian WGM Evgeniya Doluhanova

Final standings of the Women's event

Rk Tit Name FED Rtg Pts  Perf
1 IM Romanko Marina  RUS 2389 7,5 2507
2 WGM Huang Qian  CHN 2389 7 2522
3 WGM Charochkina Daria  RUS 2358 7 2468
4 WGM Kovanova Baira  RUS 2383 7 2450
5 WGM Mirzoeva Elmira  RUS 2214 7 2461
6 IM Atalik Ekaterina  TUR 2481 7 2446
7 WGM Paikidze Nazi  GEO 2411 7 2444
8 WIM Fominykh Maria  RUS 2253 6,5 2382
9 IM Galojan Lilit  ARM 2366 6,5 2325
10 IM Bodnaruk Anastasia  RUS 2419 6,5 2300
11 WIM Tarasova Viktoriya  RUS 2294 6,5 2315
12 WGM Burtasova Anna  RUS 2263 6,5 2323
13 WFM Gvanceladze Anna  RUS 2172 6,5 2313
14 WGM Manakova Maria  SRB 2319 6,5 2277
15 WIM Ivakhinova Inna  RUS 2291 6,5 2214

The Fifth World Cup of Problem Solving

The judges in the problem solving competition

The competition brought in 37 solvers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Armenia and Azerbaijan. After a hard struggle first place went to Georgii Evseev (Russia), who collected 88.5 points out of a possible 120. This is the second consecutive victory in this tournament for Evseev. In second place was Evgeny Viktorov (Russia) with 72.25 points and third was Peter Murdzya (Poland) with 71.5 points.

The competition brought in several star problem solvers and was won by multiple
world champion Georgii Evseev.

Even the world of problem solving is seeing an influx of younger and younger talents

And the ladies, such as WGM Eugenia Chasonikova, are not about to allow men to
steal the show.

Shogi competition

There was even a tournament of Japanese chess, Shogi

Shogi has a unique characteristic of allowing you to place the pieces captured as
new weapons of your own.

Training seminars

There were numerous training seminars given by Lobach P.V., Umanskaya E.E., A.S.Nikitin, and professor Wiseman N.P. in the trainers section. T.Tzorbatzoglou from Greece gave a course on tournament organization, and finally A.Filipowicz gave one on arbiters.

Alexander Nikitin was once the long-time trainer of none other than Garry Kasparov
and co-authored a classic book with the champion on the Sicilian Schveningen.

One of the avid students

The seminars were well attended

Andrei Filipowicz

World Blitz Qualifier

Three players qualified for the next World Championship in Blitz chess: GM Nikolai Chadaev, Vasily Papin, and Andrey Rychagov.

Photos by the Russian Chess Federation and Julia Manakova (Moscow Open site)


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