<i>A fresh start?</i> Kasparov replies to Seirawan

3/20/2002 – At the end of February American GM Yasser Seirawan presented a detailed, concrete proposal for sorting out the chaos that current afflicts top-level chess. The details, he hoped, would be discussed by all interested partien during the super-tournament in Prague. The problem was: how would the prime player in this game, Garry Kasparov, react to Seirawan's proposals? Tear them up and flush them down the drain? More

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"Compromises will be found, but now I must wait"

Mig Greengard spent the past weekend with Garry Kasparov in New York, helping him prepare his response to GM Yasser Seirawan’s "Fresh Start" article. Mig was worried that Kasparov would lecture him on all the terrible things others had inflicted on the chess world since 1985, that there would be return fire for Seirawan "corrections" of some of Kasparov’s statements on the history of the Grandmaster Association (GMA).

It turned out quite differently. "My little Sony recorder had only been rolling for three minutes when it was clear I had completely misjudged the position", reports Mig. "Kasparov was as prepared for this conversation as for the black side of the Najdorf, and he hit with a trademark novelty."

Here is Kasparov's response to Seirawan's proposals

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