'Global Chess' Art Exhibition in Druten

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6/16/2008 – The city of Druten in The Netherlands is paying host to an exposition of chess paintings and artifacts – "Schaakkunst" in Dutch. They include new works and new artists, fifteen in all, who have produced a wide variety of realistic and surrealistic objects, most of which you can buy in the online chess shop. We bring you some sample paintings that make for a visual treat.

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“Global Chess" exposition of Dutch Chess Art

An exhibition of chess art was opened in the Dutch town of Druten on Sunday, June 8th, and will run until Monday, June 30, 2008. The exact location is the Cultural Center D’n Bogerd in Druten, Van Heemstraweg 53, 6651 KH Druten, The Netherlands. There are paintings by fifteen Dutch artists, all thematically linked to the game of chess. A similar exposition was held last year at the EUWE Stimulans in Arnhem. The current edition includes new pieces by artists Henryette Weijmar Schultz, Boldriaan, Jan Langendam, Karin Miedema, Berry and Anna Kool-Troost. Also we get to see, for the first time, works by Tjerk Zijlstra.

All of this is the work of Margreet Wevers and Geert van Tongeren, who in 2005 had the idea of doing something around chess and art. They called this project and the company Schaakkunst (schaak = chess and kunst = art). Schaakkunst made contact with several artists who use the theme chess in their work. In August of 2005 they started the website www.schaakkunst.nl, in the beginning with only two artists and their own works.

“The Birth of Global Chess”, Boldriaan

Visitors at the chess exposition in Druten

A visitor admiring the picture "Playing chess" by Boldriaan

"Playing Chess" is 80 x 60 cm in size, oil on on canvas, and sells for €1.250

IM Hans Böhm opened the exhibition by showing the study that inspired "Zwickmühle"

"The Zwickmühle", by Tjerk Zijlstra, 70 x 70 cm, oil on linen, €2,575

Paintings by Anna Kool-Troost, a set of six, 61x 111 cm, mixed technique on panel, €675 each

"The puzzle of Shinkman", by Tjerk Zijlstra, 50 x 100 cm, oil on linen, €2,575

Another painting by Tjerk Zijlstra, "The enchantment of the Bantry Bay", 60 x 110 cm, oil on linen, €3,150

"Proskurowski", by Tjerk Zijlstra, 60 x 80 cm, oil on linen, €2,700

Chess Ballet", by Henryette Weijmar Schultz, 21x 70.5 cm, oil on masonite, €700

"The book of dreams", by Boldriaan, 100 x 100 cm, oil on canvas, €2,450

"Gilgamesh", by Boldriaan, 80 x 60 cm, oil on canvas, €1,250

"After the Game", by Jan Langendam, 70 x 100 cm, €1,100

"War of the Worlds", by Jan Langendam, 70 x 100 cm, €1,100

"The Preparation", by Jan Langendam, 140 x 100 cm, one of a triptych,
€1,500, or €4,000 for the complete triptych

"L' Arrivée", by Henryette Weijmar Schultz, 93 x 51 cm, framed, oil on masonite, €2,000

Chess table by Geert van Tongeren, birch wood, meranti wood, special glass, with lighting effect (checkered squares are only visible when the light is on), 46 x 46 x 50 cm, €625

Mosaic chess table by Geert van Tongeren, wrought iron, ceramics
mosaic, diameter 60 cm, height: 71 cm, €295

List of all artists

Aad van den Bosch Den Bosch
Alie Kalverda Alkmaar
Anna Kool-Troost Callantsoog
Arif Telaku Tiel
Berry Heiloo
Boldriaan Spijkenisse
Geert van Tongeren Druten
Henryette Weijmar Schultz    Groningen
Iris Slock Venlo
Ivon Drummen Heerlen
Jan Langendam Rotterdam
Karin Miedema Eindhoven
Margreet Wevers Velp
Marianne Brus Capelle aan den Ijssel 
Tjerk Zijlstra Amersfoort

Most of the work shown above is for sale and can be found at the online shop www.chess-art.eu. At this shop one can find beautiful chess-sets and many smaller articles, like calendars, art prints, chess-art-wine, etc. All nice things to get or give as a present.

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