Sabrina Chevannes

Born in 1986 in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, England, Sabrina Chevannes now lives in London where she is managing director of the London Academy of Chess and Education. With over 300 members of the academy, she has one of the largest following of students in the UK. Sabrina is a Women International Master and an active chess player. She competes for Cambridge University in Division 1 of the British Chess League (4NCL)  and for Wood Green in  Division 1 of the London League. She has represented England Ladies’ team on five occasions and played at the Olympiad in Tromsø in August 2014. She started playing chess when she was eight and has ten British chess titles to her name. She is famous in England for her exciting teaching technique and specialises in junior coaching. She is author of "Chess for Novices 1 & Chess for Novices 2", two popular chess primers on DVD.

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