Women's World Championship: Game 2 also ends in a draw

by André Schulz
7/6/2023 – In the second game of the Women's World Championship match in China, the reigning World Champion Ju Wenjun had White, but couldn't get anything against the Tarrasch Variation of her challenger Lei Tingjie, who even managed to gain a slight initiative after the opening. The game ended in a draw after 41 moves. | Photo: Xu Qi, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Sports Bureau and KK Chan President of the Hong Kong Chess Federation, open the game. | Photos: Stev Bonhage (FIDE)

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Second day of play in the Women's World Championship match between Ju Wenjun and Lei Tingjie: Half of the match will be played in Shanghai, Ju Wenjun's hometown, and half in Chongqing, Lei Tingjie's hometown.

In Shanghai, the match takes place in a hotel in a conference hall. The crowd is rather small, but those who do come are enthusiastic.

In the first game of the match, Ju Wenjun came under pressure after a pawn sacrifice against her Berlin Defence. When it looked as if the defending champion would lose control, Lei Tingjie was not precise enough and Ju Wenjun was able to steer the game to a draw.

The start of game 2

On the second day of the match the World Champion had White. She opened with 1.d4, which the challenger countered with the Tarrasch Variation of the Queen's Gambit. But Lei Tingjie had no problems in the opening and in a position, in which both sides had isolated pawns on the d-file she could even develop a slight initiative.

The games of the match

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