Women's Grand Prix, Round 9: Alexandra Kosteniuk defends lead, but Humpy Koneru still has chances

by Klaus Besenthal
2/12/2023 – In round 9 of the FIDE Women's Grand Prix in Munich, Alexandra Kosteniuk drew with Black against Nana Dzagnidze and now leads the tournament with 7.0/9. One point behind follows Humpy Koneru who won against Elisabeth Pähtz. In round 10 on Sunday Kosteniuk and Koneru will play against each other. The symbolic first move in the game between Zhansaya Abdumalik and Dinara Wagner was made by Maja Buchholz, German Champion U16 Girls 2022. | Photos: Mark Livshitz (FIDE)

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FIDE Women's Grand Prix

The game between Nana Dzagnidze and Alexandra Kosteniuk ended in a repetition - in a position that was certainly not better for Dzagnidze. But with this draw Kosteniuk defended her lead in the tournament.



Elisabeth Pähtz wanted to win against Humpy Koneru and opted a risky approach. However, without success:



Humpy Koneru can still catch Alexandra Kosteniuk - should she win the head-to-head clash between the two leaders in round 10 on Sunday.

Dinara Wagner blundered in a promising position against Zhansaya Abdumalik:



Alina Kashlinskaya showed her tactical skills in her game against Zhu Jiner and impressed by precise calculation just after the time control:



Alina Kashlinskaya

Anna Muzychuk played with White against Tan Zhongyi but did not find much against Tan Zhongyi's Sicilian. However, Muzychuk did not want to defend passively and tried to turn the table by force. But this backfired and the Chinese won.

The game between Mariya Muzychuk and Harika Dronavalli did not offer much excitement but a lot of exchanges and a more or less peaceful draw.



Standings after round 9






Klaus Besenthal is computer scientist, has followed and still follows the chess scene avidly since 1972 and since then has also regularly played in tournaments.