Wieza Pomot Pegow win first-ever Polish Team Championship

by André Schulz
9/28/2023 – For the first time in its history, Wieza Pomot Pegow managed to win the Polish Team Championship. The event was held as a 10-team round-robin tournament in Lublin. Almost all German national players were successfully involved in various teams. Votum SA Polonia Wrocław and KSz Hetman Płock finished in clear second and third place, respectively. | Photo: Andrei Volokitin (X)

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The team Wieza Pomot Pegow won their first-ever Polish Team Championship. The event was a single round-robin with ten teams in the highest division, the Ekstraliga. The venue was Lublin. Each match was played on six boards, one of which had to be occupied by a woman.

Pego2 played with the Ukrainian Andrei Volokitin and the Frenchman Maxime Lagarde on the two top boards, and had two Czechs in its ranks: Stepan Zilka and Vojtech Plat. The women’s board was occupied by Lela Javakishvili from Georgia. Wojciech Moranda represented the colours of the host country in the team. Maxime Lagarde and Vojtech Plat were the top performers with plus-3 scores. Javakishvili scored plus-2 on the women’s board.

With a rating average of 2575, Pegov was not one of the favourites to grab the title. A number of teams had a higher rating, the highest being Katowice with 2612.

In the course of the tournament, Pegow won seven of its nine matches and only suffered a narrow defeat against Wroclaw. They drew 3-3 against Krakow. With 15 match points, Pegow’s victory was clear. Wroclaw, with Pentala Harikrishna and Nils Grandelius on the top boards, came second with 13 points.

KSz Hetman Płock, with Rasmus Svane on board two behind Thai Dai Van Ngyuen, finished third in the finalstandings with 12 points. The young German player performed well with three wins and one loss.

Katowice, the rating favourites, with David Navara and Aryan Tari on the top boards, could not make the most of their rating advantage and only finished in a disappointing eighth place. Tari and Monica Socko, on the women’s board, were not in good form and finished the tournament with minus-3 and minus-2 scores, respectively.

Vasyl Ivanchuk, Andrei Volokitin

Andrei Volokitin facing compatriot Vasyl Ivanchuk (Sz.S.O.N. Zagłębie Dąbrowa Górnicza) with black in the tournament’s final round

Final standings

Place S.No. Team name Local Match Points Total
1 1 WIEŻA POMOT PĘGÓW 2575 15.0 31.5
2 6 VOTUM SA Polonia Wrocław 2574 13.0 31.5
3 4 KSz Hetman Płock 2563 12.0 31.5
4 10 KS Gwiazda Bydgoszcz 2586 11.0 27.5
5 8 KSz Silesia Racibórz 2586 11.0 27.0
6 7 Akademia Szachowa Gliwice 2561 9.0 26.5
7 2 KSz Miedź Legnica 2540 5.0 24.5
8 3 WASKO HETMAN GKS Katowice 2612 5.0 24.5
9 5 KSz Dwie Wieże Equity Advisors Kraków 2538 5.0 23.0
10 9 Sz.S.O.N. Zagłębie Dąbrowa Górnicza 2537 4.0 22.5

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