We would love to see your Fritz 19 games!

by Arne Kaehler
11/20/2023 – For the Fritz 19 launch, we let six different players, ranging from elo 1839 up to 2614, battle the six engine player characters. Twice, the computer escaped with extraordinary swindle tactics, causing a stalemate for Elisabeth Paehtz, and Jan Jettel! The engine showed us beautiful tactical moves, to decide the outcome against Leon Mendonca, and Svitlana Demchenko. The two human victories were determined through hard fights in endgames, by Robert Ris, and Polina Karelina. Overall, the experiment was a success: We wanted fun, and entertaining games, and we got them. Now, it is your turn!

Fritz 19 Fritz 19

Attacker, coward, swindler or endgame wizard: I'll show you how to win against anyone! After my World Championship victories in 2022 and 2023, I am the reigning Chess Software World Champion and am now looking forward to showing you how to become even stronger against your opponent. With my innovative training method, I simulate typical player personalities you know from tournaments and online chess: brash attackers, cautious cowards, passive players. But how do you win against them? Fritz will show you how!


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Did you know about this little button?

Well, now you will know!

In Fritz 19, under File, you can find this direct share option. Once you click on it, your game opens in a new browser window. The link can simply be shared with anybody you want to.

Like this: https://share.chessbase.com/SharedGames/share/?p=RyR9ITjdL8SW1gsmevBsPLJyubCP+1fqoChmUkVLQ0YQJi0w6LYFrk4Go1a0rt2v

(Yes, I clearly won, and I never, ever, in my wildest dreams would have thought, you can still draw an endgame like this, with two extra pawns. But here we are.)

In the newly opened browser window, you have plenty of options:

  • save the game
  • copy FEN
  • reshare it
  • analyse with engine
  • annotate
  • directly add to your database/cloud
  • and you can even embed it, just like this:

We would love to see your Fritz 19 games!

We are curious about your games against the six different characters. Who is your favourite to play against, and why? What are your thoughts about adding more, new characters in the future?

Simply share your game with the "direct share" function here:


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It doesn't matter if you lost, drew, or won, as long as you had fun playing!

The raffle is open till 30th of November! (Please, send not more than one game. Otherwise, you cannot compete in the raffle.)

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Humans vs. Fritz 19 - Final score 3:3


Arne Kaehler, a creative mind who is passionate about board games in general, was born in Hamburg and learned to play chess at a young age. By teaching chess to youth teams and creating chess-related videos on YouTube, Arne was able to expand this passion and has even created an online course for anyone who wants to learn how to play chess. Arne writes for the English and German news sites, but focuses mainly on content for the ChessBase media channels.