Dutch Grandmaster Max Warmerdam wins Teplice Open

by André Schulz
6/27/2024 – After nine rounds, three players shared first with 7.5/9 at the Teplice Open in the Czech Republic: Dutch Grandmaster Max Warmerdam, GM Tin Jingyao from Singapore and GM Alexander Donchenko from Germany. But Warmerdam had the best tie-break and won the tournament. | Photos: Tournament page

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The chess tradition of tournaments in Teplice began in 1922. In October of that year a "Chess Congress" was held there. Fourteen European chess masters took part in this tournament. Some of the world's best players of the time were missing, such as World Champion José Raúl Capablanca, former World Champion Emanuel Lasker and future World Champion Alexander Alekhine, but twelve of the fourteen participants were among the top 25 players of the time. The participants included such famous names as Akiba Rubinstein, Siegbert Tarrasch, Geza Maroczy, Rudolph Spielmann, Ernst Grünfeld and Savielly Tartakower, with Richard Réti and Karel Treybal representing the host country.

At the end of the tournament, Réti and Spielmann shared first with 9.0/13. Réti had lost three games, but had also won eight, and he had beaten Spielmann, Tartakower and Rubinstein, who were at the top of the table. In round 6 Heinrich Wolf won the brilliancy for his win against Réti, and Tartakower received this prize for win against Maroczy in round four. Rubinstein won no less than five brilliancy prizes for his victories.

Winning the tournament was a great achievement for Spielmann. He has always impressed with his creativity and willingness to attack, but has not always been successful. Réti confirmed his impressive form by sharing first place in Teplice. Two years earlier, in 1920, he had won the tournament in Gothenburg.

Teplice 1922. Standing from left to right: 1. Borislav Kostic 2. Paul Johner 3. Karel Treybal 4. Ernst Grünfeld 5. Richard Réti 6. Friedrich Sämisch 7. Rudolf Spielmann, 8. Savielly Tartakower 9.? Sitting from left to right: 1. Akiba Rubinstein 2. Geza Maroczy 3. Siegbert Tarrasch 4. ? 5. Jacgues Mieses  6. Heinrich Wolf 7. Richard Teichmann 8.?

In the following years chess tournaments were held regularly in Teplice, but it was not until 1979 that a similarly large tournament was organised. The best players in Czechoslovakia met strong international grandmasters. Jan Smejkal won the tournament, which had 15 participants, ahead of Lubomir Ftacnik and Vlastimil Hort.

Since 2006, a major open has been held in Teplice every year. This year almost 250 players took part, including over 100 title holders and 18 grandmasters. With 20 participants, Germany had the largest contingent after the hosts and India.

In a tight race for the tournament title, no fewer than six players were tied for the lead with 6.5 points going into the final round. Max Warmerdam beat Alexander Motylev in the final round, while Tin Jingyao defeated Vlastimil Babula. German grandmasters Alexander Donchenko and Frederik Svane faced each other, with Donchenko coming out on top.

In the end, Warmerdam, Tin Jingyao and Donchenko all finished first with 7.5/9, but it was Warmerdam who won the tournament on tie-break.

From left to right: Alexander Donchenko, Tin Jingyao, Max Warmerdam

Final standings

Rk. Name Pts.  TB1 
1 Warmerdam, Max 7,5 42
2 Tin, Jingyao 7,5 42
3 Donchenko, Alexander 7,5 37
4 Stocek, Jiri 7 39,5
5 Akbas, Umut Ata 7 38,5
6 Finek, Vaclav 7 34
7 Svane, Frederik 6,5 41
8 Martin, Julian 6,5 41
9 Kaasen, Tor Fredrik 6,5 40,5
10 Babula, Vlastimil 6,5 39
11 Postny, Evgeny 6,5 39
12 Mikhalevski, Victor 6,5 39
13 Motylev, Alexander 6,5 38,5
14 Pranav, V 6,5 38,5
15 Baum, Jonasz 6,5 38,5
16 Avinash, Ramesh 6,5 38,5
17 Rakshitta, Ravi 6,5 38,5
18 Smirin, Ilia 6,5 37,5
19 Kurmann, Oliver 6,5 37
20 Amar, Elham 6,5 37
21 Senthil, Maran K 6,5 34,5
22 Sargissian, Gabriel 6 42,5
23 Reuker, Jari 6 40
24 Tiglon, Bryce 6 39,5
25 Visakh, N R 6 39,5

...240 players



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