Vitaly Sivuk wins the 51st edition of the Rilton Cup

by Klaus Besenthal
1/9/2024 – The 51st edition of the Rilton Cup came to an end in Stockholm on Friday. The winner of the nine-round event was the Ukrainian GM Vitaly Sivuk, who now plays for Sweden, with a score of 7½/9. Israeli IMs Yahli Sokolovsky and Yair Parkhov (both with 7/9) finished second and third, respectively. | Photos: Lars OA Hedlund

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A Swedish tradition

The list of participants in the Rilton Cup included names such as Anand, Bronstein and Mamedov, but in none of these cases was it the ‘original’ chess star who had made it to Sweden to participate in the event.

Oleg Romanishin, on the other hand, is ‘the real deal’: the living legend actually took part in the tournament and achieved a very respectable result with a score of 5/9.

Oleg Romanishin, who turns 73 next Wednesday, belonged to the chess elite 30 years ago

Romanishin is Ukrainian, as is the tournament winner Vitaly Sivuk, although he has been playing for Sweden since 2022. Sivuk made the decisive move towards winning the tournament in round 8 when he clearly defeated then co-leader IM Edvin Trost, a 16-year-old rising star from Sweden.

By this point both contenders had probably realised that 11.f4 was not a good move

Final standings

Rg. Snr Name Land EloI Pkt.
1 Sivuk, Vitaly 7,5
2 Sokolovsky, Yahli 7
3 Parkhov, Yair 7
4 Trost, Edvin 6,5
5 Prraneeth, Vuppala 6,5
6 Raja, Rithvik R 6,5
7 Malek, Jan 6,5
8 Chasin, Nico 6,5
9 Subelj, Jan 6,5
10 Kulaots, Kaido 6
11 Blomqvist, Erik 6
12 Socko, Bartosz 6
13 Utsab, Chatterjee 6
14 Jarmula, Lukasz 6
15 Srihari, L 6
16 Bailet, Pierre 6
17 Gorshtein, Ido 6
18 Rozentalis, Eduardas 6
19 Bronstein, Or 6
20 Dhulipalla, Bala Chandra Prasad 6
21 Aradhya, Garg 6
22 Shohat, Yotam 6
23 Nyysti, Sampsa 5,5
24 Moksh, Amit Doshi 5,5
25 Socko, Monika 5,5
26 Oratovsky, Michael 5,5
27 Hillarp Persson, Tiger 5,5
28 Aoshima, Mirai 5,5
29 Rakesh, Kumar Jena 5,5
30 Costa, Leonardo 5,5

...134 players

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Klaus Besenthal is computer scientist, has followed and still follows the chess scene avidly since 1972 and since then has also regularly played in tournaments.
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