Vidit Gujarathi: Master Advanced Tactics

by ChessBase
6/28/2023 – ... and calculations like a Super Grandmaster – which he is. Vidit Santosh Gujrathi, born 1994, attained the GM title at the age of nineteen. In August 2022 he became the second highest rated player in India (behind Viswanathan Anand), crossing the Elo rating threshold of 2700. Today we are releasing his latest Fritztrainer, one in which he shares his secrets of success at the pinnacle of the chess world.

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Calculate like a Super Grandmaster

World Class Chess Training

Advanced Tactics and Calculations are of utmost importance when it comes to improving your chess. How do you calculate long variations, and where do you stop? When can you rely on intuition, and what methods are there to choose from?

Tactics are taught early and lead to serious improvement when you learn themes like Pin, Double Attack, Fork etc. as a beginner. However, after a certain level, it is not so straightforward to simply work on tactics and improve. That's the reason we have recorded the Master Advanced Tactics and Calculations like a Super Grandmaster with GM Vidit Gujrathi.

In this video course we use studies to present the different aspects of Advanced Tactics and Calculations. As Vidit navigates his way through the world of studies, you get to see a world class GM in action. When does he use brute force and calculation and when does he rely on his intuition – these are all the things that you get to learn from Vidit's video course. IM Sagar Shah sits along with Vidit and tries to break down the thinking of a Super GM in a way that it is easier for you to understand. If you decide to seriously work on the material presented here, you can be sure that you will become stronger at chess calculation.

In addition, we have carefully selected 95 positions where you will be put to the test. Try to find the right solution by playing against Fritz. This practical training will make you ready for your own games. Detailed annotated solutions are provided that will help you to take your game to the next level.

• Video running time: 5 hours 26 minutes

• Extra: Additional database with 95 positions, Training with ChessBase apps - Play key positions against Fritz on various levels

Including download & stream for iPad, tablet etc:can be unlocked with imprinted key

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