Understanding before Moving 161: Chess history in a nutshell (42)

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1/21/2024 – Herman Grooten is an International Master, a renowned trainer and the author of several highly acclaimed books on chess training and strategy. In the 161st episode of his ChessBase show "Understanding before moving" Herman continues his series "Chess history in a nutshell" and shows how David Bronstein played the King's Gambit. | Photo: Pascal Simon

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David Bronstein (3)

That Bronstein favoured tactical play and loved combinations is no secret. By sometimes indulging in some "frivolous" openings, such as the King's Gambit, he was able to unleash his creativity in the approaching middle game.

Numerous games are known in which the former number two in the world was able to show off his skills. Of these, we should count ourselves lucky that even games from simultaneous games have found their way into the great "Megadatabase" of ChessBase.

I have selected a few short games by Bronstein in which you are challenged to find the combination contained in the position. You can pause the video each time to think calmly about what you would play.

The last game (from a simultaneous game Bronstein - Moehring, 1957) is perhaps the most spectacular combination in this video.

In the chaotic situation shown in the diagram, Black has just captured the white pawn on e5 with 16... Qe7xe5 and seems to be creating counter-chances. But that seems to be a bit much to ask, as Bronstein wins anyway. But he also saw a creative way to end this game. What brilliant combination does he finish with?

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