Two invitational tournaments in Hamburg

by André Schulz
5/24/2022 – The Hamburger Schachklub von 1830 (HSK) is the largest and second oldest German chess club. It is also very active and currently organises two invitational tournaments in Hamburg: a GM tournament and an IM tournament, both featuring promising young players (pictured: Leon Mendonca) and experienced masters. With 3.0/3 GM Vasilios Kotronias from Greece (in the GM tournament) and IM Brandon Clarke from England (in the IM tournament) had the best start. | Photos: Frank Bracker

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Two invitationals

Both tournaments have ten participants, who create an interesting mix of celebrities, interesting players and young talents. Organiser of the tournaments is Frank Bracker from the HSK.

Top seed in the GM tournament is the Hungarian Grandmaster Peter Prohaszka, second seed is the young Indian Leon Mendonca, currently number 21 in the world junior list.

Frederik Svane, number two on the list of German juniors (first is Vincent Keymer)

Ruben Koellner, number three on the list of Germany's juniors.

IM Lawrence Trent and IM Georgios ("The Big Greek") Souleidis represent the guild of successful commentators and chess entert(r)ainers.

Georgios Souleidis

Jonathan Carlstedt, author and coach of Werder Bremen, hopes for the Grandmaster title, and Vasilios Kotronias is another big Greek who plays in Hamburg.

The tournament started on Friday and after three rounds Vasilios Kotronias leads with 3.0/3 after winning a lost position against Ruben Koellner in the first round.

Table Grandmaster tournament


Games Grandmaster tournament


IM tournament

In the IM tournament Normundis Miezis is the only Grandmaster and the top seed, just ahead of IM Brandon Clarke from England. Michael Kopylov is another IM who is taking part in the tournament, alongside his son Daniel Kopylov.

Arne Bracker from the HSK recently made an IM norm and would like to make another one. As do the young Daniel Fischer from Switzerland and Jeremy Hommer, Isaac Garner and Michael Kotyk from Germany. The only woman in the field is Lara Schulze.

After three rounds Brandon Clarke leads with 3.0/3.

Table IM tournament


Games IM tournament



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