Time per move in the notation

by Peter Schreiner
9/1/2018 – In over-the-board games, some people like to note down how much time they spent on each move to be able to analyse their games better and to improve their thinking processes. If you play online the computer does this for you: it automatically records the time you spent on your moves. You can use this information — or you can delete it. | Graphics: ChessBase

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Have you got the time?

All games played on play.chessbase.com are automatically saved in the MyInternetGames database. When you later bring the games into your board window you see that each move in the notation has a number.

Play.chessbase.com screen

Blitz game on the server (click or tap to enlarge)

Notation window

Why does every move have a number?

The numbers after the moves indicate how much time you spent on the move. This might be useful information when you analyse the game.

But if you do not want to know how much time you spent on your moves you can easily delete the numbers - and all other comments and variations.

Delete times

"Delete" → "Delete Fritz Commentary" (click or tap to enlarge)

A right-click with the mouse gives you the options to work with the notation. Select "Delete" → "Delete Fritz Commentary" to remove the "numbers" — and all other commentary and analyses — from the notation. Or press Shift + Ctrl + Y.

Note: If you accidentally deleted or entered something you do no longer want you can undo your actions with Ctrl + Z — if you have not yet saved the game.

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Peter has been a member of the full-time staff at ChessBase since 2001. His interests include: chess, old chess books, computers, Roman history and drums.