FritzTrainer: Download advantage

by Nadja Wittmann
10/25/2018 – FritzTrainer DVDs are easy to use but getting your FritzTrainer via download is even easier, especially in recent years when many laptop PCs ship without a DVD drive. This short tutorial shows why buying the download versions of the FritzTrainers are an elegant and easy way to improve your chess! | Drawing: ChessBase

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Modern chess training

For chess players looking to improve, the FritzTrainer line of instructional video series is a fantastic resource. Since their inception in 2004, ChessBase has published nearly 500 unique training titles from more than 75 authors. A surprisingly high percentage of video series orders are still fulfilled on good old-fashioned DVDs but here at the ChessBase's Hamburg headquarters we recently disassembled our first rack of storage shelves — a sign of the times — as chess aficionados increasingly opt for digital downloads.

How do I start the FritzTrainer?

If you have a FritzTrainer on DVD you put the disc into the DVD drive of your computer and start. The DVD box tells you what to do — but you can also just follow the prompts on your screen.

If you bought the download version of a FritzTrainer you first have to download the FritzTrainer to your computer. The download links and the activation codes are in your ChessBase shop account under "My Downloads":

My Downloads screen

Click or tap to expand

Click on the product you want to install and links for the installation and a serial number to activate the product after the installation appear:

Download links

Click or tap to expand

Now install the FritzTrainer of your choice. At first launch, you are asked to activate the program with the activation code (hidden in the screenshot above). After the download you are asked whether you want to start the setup immediately or whether you first want to save the file in your download folder.

Working with download versions offers several advantages: after buying the FritzTrainers you can immediately start to work with them and you do not have to insert a DVD every time you want to access the FritzTrainer — they are permanently saved in your account and if necessary you can always go to your account and download a FritzTrainer again, e.g. if you had a problem with your hardware or when you want to use your ChessBase products on a new computer!

Open the FritzTrainer

After the installation of the Fritz Trainer you can start the training course with ChessBase 14, Fritz 16 (or another chess program with the current Fritz 16 GUI) or with the free ChessBase Reader 2017.

All bought and activated FritzTrainers can be viewed under "Purchased Data".

However, the ChessBase Reader 2017 is just a reader while ChessBase 14 helps you to train — you can enter and save variations and analyses, e.g. to add variations and notes of your own to the repertoire recommendations of your grandmaster trainer. Or you use the material on a FritzTrainer as a basis for your own repertoire by creating a new database in ChessBase 14.

Open with ChessBase 14

Open with ChessBase 14

All purchased and installed Fritz Trainers are shown in ChessBase 14 under "Purchased Data" (highlighted in blue)

Database list

To open the FritzTrainer with all video lectures double-click the first entry in the list: "Chapter 1: Introduction". This loads the table of contents (which appears directly at the first start of the program): 

Table of contents

Here's the table of contents for GM Yannick Pelletier's video series on the Vienna Variation

Now start the introduction by clicking the "Play" button on the right. ChessBase 14 will now ask for the activation code (the serial number) of the product. As mentioned above you do find the activation code or the serial number under "My Downloads" in your shop account or on the package of your DVD. 

Open with Fritz 16

In Fritz 16 the purchased trainers appear under "Database" (red arrow):

Fritz 16 start screen

Fritz 16 - He just wants to play!

Fritz 16 is looking forward to playing with you, and you're certain to have a great deal of fun with him too. Tense games and even well-fought victories await you with "Easy play" and "Assisted analysis" modes.

This opens the database you last loaded. The Fritz Trainers you purchased appear on the right:

Last loaded database

You can see five FritzTrainers in the list

Open with ChessBase Reader 2017

Download the current ChessBase Reader 2017.

Follow the instructions of the program. Finally, click "Finish" and the ChessBase Reader 2017 will open automatically.

View your Purchased Data in the ChessBase Reader

Similar to ChessBase 14 the ChessBase Reader lists your video training courses under "Purchased Data":

ChessBase Reader 2017

The interface of the ChessBase Reader is quite similar to ChessBase 14.

Loading the Fritz Trainers works in the same way as described above for CB 14.

However you chose to access our training materials, we hope you'll enjoy the content for years to come!


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