The ChessBase Account – Training with WebApps (1)

by Martin Fischer
9/30/2022 – There are many ways to train chess or to entertain yourself with chess: relaxed tactics training without time pressure or in competition with others? Or do you love the artistic appeal of studies? Do you like to follow live world-class tournaments or to watch training videos? Do you like to hone your opening repertoire by using the opening trends from the live ticker? The ChessBase Account offers you all this - and much more. Fully integrated in the ChessBase world, the WebApps work together and can be used perfectly with the ChessBase and Fritz programmes. The ChessBase Account offers a comprehensive access to the world of chess, no matter whether you play chess as a sport or as a hobby. In a new tutorial series Martin Fischer explains how to use the ChessBase Account. Part 1: Set up & get started!

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The ChessBase Account Part 1 - set up ChessBase-Account

With this tutorial we start a series about the ChessBase Account. The ChessBase Account offers a comprehensive access to the world of chess, regardless of whether chess is played as a competitive sport, a recreational sport or seen as a stimulating leisure activity.

1. Introduction

The ChessBase account is web-based and is accessed via the web browser, regardless of whether a tablet, smartphone, iPad or PC is used. Simply start the browser, call up the ChessBase account and play chess, watch major tournaments live, train chess or watch a chess show. On the other hand, the ChessBase account is connected to the ChessBase programme via the ChessBase Cloud, so that you can also call up and continue the work you are doing with ChessBase via the ChessBase account in the web browser. And of course it works the other way round too, you can resume and continue your chess "work" in the browser under ChessBase.

2. Set up the ChessBase Account

As already mentioned, the ChessBase account is web-based. It is therefore not necessary to download any programme or install an app. It also does not matter which operating system is used. Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, I-Pad, Tablet, PC ... . All that is necessary is to register yourself. To do this, click on!

The following picture appears on the screen:

ChessBase Account

ChessBase Account

Click on the Register button in the upper right corner. You can now Login or Register.

Login or register

The right choice depends on whether a ChessBase account already exists or if this is not the case.

2.1 You already have a ChessBase Account

If you already have an account on or, or a user name with your ChessBase programme, or otherwise a ChessBase account, then enter this user name and your password and click Log in.

Click on the "Log in" button and you will be taken to the page where you can edit your personal data. More about this later.


Log in

2.2 You do not have a ChessBase Account

If you do not yet have a ChessBase account, click on "Register". You will then be given the opportunity to enter the player name you want and the e-mail address you want to use for your ChessBase account.

Create ChessBase Account

Create a ChessBase Account

The programme first checks whether the user name you want is still free and whether the e-mail address you entered is already being used for another user name. If one of these two cases occurs, or your password details are unclear, you will be notified of the error (image above).

  • If the user name is already taken, you must choose a new free user name.

  • If the email address is already in use, please check that you have not registered with a username in the past and use it. If necessary, you can request a new password (under Login - Forgotten password). If you do not get further in this way, you can contact our support (Support | ChessBase).

  • If necessary, repeat the password entry.

If the user name is still free and the e-mail address is not used, you will receive an e-mail from the system with a link. Please click on this link and confirm that the desired ChessBase account and the e-mail address used are indeed related and that you wish to set up a corresponding ChessBase account.As soon as you have activated the ChessBase account, you will receive a corresponding message on the website. The ChessBase account will only work now that the activation has been carried out.

However, it is recommended to personalise the ChessBase account. To do this, click on the "Next" button:

3. Personalising the ChessBase Account

Edit user data

Edit user data

Edit user data

On this page you can add personal details to the profile of your ChessBase account. Your name, as well as the information above the line, can be seen by other users when you use the platform. The information below the line, i.e. the email address used and your date of birth, can only be seen by administrators of the server and is treated confidentially.

4. Define access rights

If you scroll down the above web page a bit, you will also get an overview of the status of your ChessBase account:


There are three types of membership with a ChessBase account. Firstly, the free membership, secondly the basic membership and thirdly the premium membership.

The free membership is especially important if you want to stream FritzTrainer DVDs (see New Fritztrainer streaming for tablets, iPads, smartphones | ChessBase und Buying DVDs and installing download! | ChessBase).

You can access the comprehensive range of services of a ChessBase account with a basic or premium account. Because of the differences, I would like to refer you to the following page:  Basic and Premium functions - ChessBase Account.

Premium Membership

You can establish or extend your Premium membership by entering a corresponding serial number. You can use the serial number of your ChessBase program (three months Premium), the serial number you received with one of the chess programmes (Fritz 17, Fritz 18, Fat Fritz or Komodo Dragon ...). The serial number of these chess programmes gives you six months of Premium.

The most convenient way is to set up a ChessBase account subscription. And this way you ensure that your ChessBase account is always active and you can access as much as you want. In the ChessBase shop you can easily and quickly set up the subscription:(Premium one-year subscription + 1 month for free (payment method: credit card (

To be continued...

Premium annual subscription + 1 month (payment method: credit card)

Order the annual ChessBase Premium Membership and save twice! You only pay for ten months Premium and you get a 13th month for free. Payment only by credit card. The subscription is automatically renewed on the expiration date.


Martin Fischer, born 1962, is a ChessBase staffer who, among other things, organizes and holds seminars throughout Europe and helps administer