Top 12: Bischwiller retains Perfect

by Alejandro Ramirez
6/8/2015 – It wasn't an easy task, and the final result of the match was not decided until the marathon game between Choisy and Maisuradze ended, but Bischwiller took a narrow 2-1 win against the strong team of Mulhouse Philidor to retain their perfect score. Clichy destroyed the lowest rated team in the event by 8-0, and for now are second. We bring you a summary of every single match!

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The Top-12, the nickname for the finals of the French Club Championship Finals, is one of the strongest league tournaments in the World. Only the German Bundesliga and the Russian Team Championship can boast of having a stronger league than France, and the tournament is reaching its climax.

The Top-12 is nicknamed such because it is the last portion of a large process. From October until April thousands of players compete in different leagues all over France, with teams varying in size and compositions. The winners of the different regional events qualify for the Top-12.

Round Eight

Grasee 2 - 3 Montpellier
An extremely important match for these teams, as they are both in the red zone (in danger of descending out of the top 12), and a real heartbreaker for Montpellier. After obtaining a winning position, Krisztian Szabo (Grasse) got himself in hot water against Aleksander Mista. He missed a couple of clear wins, but he obtained an extra piece anyway. Szabo however made it very hard on himself and ended up even losing, giving the match to Montpellier!

Metz Fischer 1 - 1 Strasbourg
A match between two strong teams, and high stakes for both as well. One wants to get out of the red zone, while the other is fighting for third place. The win by Kevin Terrieux was offset by the victory of Vladimir Baklan. An even match throughout.

Vandoeuvre 0 - 4 Bois Colombes
Thing simply did not go well for Vandoeuvre. Two quick draws in the third and seventh board started the match with peace, but after the time control the duel went very south for Vandoeuvre. Christian Bauer drew first blood, followed by Pauline Guichard, and only moments afterwards two more wins by Sebastien Maze and Alexander Ipatov. A 4-0 landslide victory for the Paris region team. Bois Colombes will face the tough Bischwiller next, and they need the confidence boost given by this win.

Samy Shoker from Egypt playing for Bois-Colombes

Bischwiller 2 - 1 Mulhouse Philidor
The two teams from the Alsatian region of France played each other (the eastermost region, if you are wondering), and it was a very narrow victory for Bischwiller! They took a quick 2-0 victory with wins by Jean-Pierre Le Roux and Etienne Bacrot, but a victory by Andrei Sokolov brought things to 2-1. One last game remained: Mathilde Choisy (Mulhouse) pushing against Maisuradze. However she let her chances go and after 106 moves a draw was signed: Bischwiller retains their perfect score.

A draw for Bischwiller's star Romain Edouard (at least this tournament)

Two draws in the top two boards

Bacrot won another decisive game

Chalons-en-Champagne 2- 3 Evry Grand Roque
The first win was Sophie Milliet's against Camille de Seroux, a big rating gap brought victory for Evry. Paul Velten and Ivan Sokolov won for Chalons, but by then it was too late, two wins by Evry allows them to still fight for podium position.

Sophie Milliet's win was very important for the final result

Poitiers-Minge 0-8 Clichy
The top rated team faced the lowest rated in the tournament, and it showed. A complete sweep of 0-8 for Clichy keeps their hopes for first alive.

Standings After Round Eight

Rk. Team Pts
1 Bischwiller 24
2 Clichy 22
3 Bois-Colombes 21
4 Strasbourg 18
5 Evry Grand Roque 18
6 Chalons-En-Champagne 17
7 Mulhouse Philidor 16
8 Montpellier 14
9 Vandoeuvre 13
10 Metz Fischer 11
11 Grasse 10
12 Poitiers-Migne 8

Note: Teams receive 3 points for winning, 2 for drawing and 1 for losing a match.

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Round One
Vandoeuvre 3 - 1 Grasse
Bischwiller 6 - 1 Metz Fischer
Chalons-En-Champagne 4 - 3 Montpellier
Poitiers-Migne 2 - 4 Strasbourg
Clichy 3 - 0 Bois-Colombes
Evry Grand Roque 4 - 2 Mulhouse Philidor
Round Two
Grasse 0 - 4 Mulhouse Philidor
Bois-Colombes 5 - 0 Evry Grand Roque
Strasbourg 2 - 3 Clichy
Montpellier 3 - 2 Poitiers-Migne
Metz Fischer 1 - 2 Chalons-En-Champagne
Vandoeuvre 2 - 4 Bischwiller
Round Three
Bischwiller 4 - 1 Grasse
Chalons-En-Champagne 2 - 2 Vandoeuvre
Poitiers-Migne 1 - 3 Metz Fischer
Clichy 5 - 0 Montpellier
Evry Grand Roque 1 - 2 Strasbourg
Mulhouse Philidor 3 - 3 Bois-Colombes
Round Four
Grasse 0 - 4 Bois-Colombes
Strasbourg 1 - 1 Mulhouse Philidor
Montpellier 2 - 3 Evry Grand Roque
Metz Fischer 0 - 5 Clichy
Vandoeuvre 4 - 0 Poitiers-Migne
Bischwiller 3 - 2 Chalons-En-Champagne
Round Five
Chalons-En-Champagne 2 - 0 Grasse
Poitiers-Migne 0 - 6 Bischwiller
Clichy 4 - 1 Vandoeuvre
Evry Grand Roque 2 - 1 Metz Fischer
Mulhouse Philidor 2 - 3 Montpellier
Bois-Colombes 3 - 1 Strasbourg
Round Six
Grasse 0 - 1 Strasbourg
Montpellier 1 - 4 Bois-Colombes
Metz Fischer 2 - 3 Mulhouse Philidor
Vandoeuvre 2 - 3 Evry Grand Roque
Bischwiller 2 - 1 Clichy
Chalons-En-Champagne 5 - 1 Poitiers-Migne
Round Seven
Poitiers-Migne 0 - 4 Grasse
Clichy 3 - 2 Chalons-En-Champagne
Evry Grand Roque 0 - 5 Bischwiller
Mulhouse Philidor 3 - 0 Vandoeuvre
Bois-Colombes 3 - 1 Metz Fischer
Strasbourg 2 - 1 Montpellier
Round Eight
Grasse 2 - 3 Montpellier
Metz Fischer 1 - 1 Strasbourg
Vandoeuvre 0 - 4 Bois-Colombes
Bischwiller 2 - 1 Mulhouse Philidor
Chalons-En-Champagne 2 - 3 Evry Grand Roque
Poitiers-Migne 0 - 8 Clichy
Round Nine
Clichy   -   Grasse
Evry Grand Roque   -   Poitiers-Migne
Mulhouse Philidor   -   Chalons-En-Champagne
Bois-Colombes   -   Bischwiller
Strasbourg   -   Vandoeuvre
Montpellier   -   Metz Fischer
Round Ten
Grasse   -   Metz Fischer
Vandoeuvre   -   Montpellier
Bischwiller   -   Strasbourg
Chalons-En-Champagne   -   Bois-Colombes
Poitiers-Migne   -   Mulhouse Philidor
Clichy   -   Evry Grand Roque
Round Eleven
Evry Grand Roque   -   Grasse
Mulhouse Philidor   -   Clichy
Bois-Colombes   -   Poitiers-Migne
Strasbourg   -   Chalons-En-Champagne
Montpellier   -   Bischwiller
Metz Fischer   -   Vandoeuvre


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Grandmaster Alejandro Ramirez has been playing tournament chess since 1998. His accomplishments include qualifying for the 2004 and 2013 World Cups as well as playing for Costa Rica in the 2002, 2004 and 2008 Olympiads. He currently has a rating of 2583 and is author of a number of popular and critically acclaimed ChessBase-DVDs.


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