The wrong pawn

by Karsten Müller
9/14/2021 – Sometimes, the trio king, bishop and pawn cannot win against a lone king: if the pawn is a rook pawn, the enemy king makes it to the corner and the bishop does not control the queening sqare of the pawn. Knowing this might help you to save positions that seem to be entire lost. In the diagram position it is White to move and draw. How?

Endgames of the World Champions from Fischer to Carlsen Endgames of the World Champions from Fischer to Carlsen

Let endgame expert Dr Karsten Müller show and explain the finesses of the world champions. Although they had different styles each and every one of them played the endgame exceptionally well, so take the opportunity to enjoy and learn from some of the best endgames in the history of chess.



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Karsten Müller is considered to be one of the greatest endgame experts in the world. His books on the endgame - among them "Fundamentals of Chess Endings", co-authored with Frank Lamprecht, that helped to improve Magnus Carlsen's endgame knowledge - and his endgame columns for the ChessCafe website and the ChessBase Magazine helped to establish and to confirm this reputation. Karsten's Fritztrainer DVDs on the endgame are bestsellers. The mathematician with a PhD lives in Hamburg, and for more than 25 years he has been scoring points for the Hamburger Schachklub (HSK) in the Bundesliga.
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Karsten Müller Karsten Müller 9/16/2021 03:44
MickyMaus90: Many thanks! Good points of course!
MickyMaus90 MickyMaus90 9/16/2021 11:37
@Frits Fritschy: Good point, I agree.
Another line is 81.Kg6? Kb3 82.Kxh5 Bd8! 83.Ne3 Bb6! 84.Nd5 Bc5! 85.Kg4 Kxa4 86.Kf3 Kb3 87.Ke2 a4 88.Kd3 a3 89.Nc3 Bf8 90.Ne2 Bg7 91.Kd2 Bb2-+. The same idea for White as in the game, but in a better way. Still losing, but more critical.
Frits Fritschy Frits Fritschy 9/14/2021 09:28
An essential variation is 82 Ng6 Kxa4!? 83 Nxh4 Kb3 84 Ng2/g6 a4 85 Nf4! a3 86 Nd3 and the knight is just in time.