The winners of our Fritztrainer calendar!

by Arne Kaehler
12/27/2020 – For 24 days, you could guess who our distorted and blurred Fritztrainers were. We received over 6000 emails in total! That's great! Thank you very much. From all the entries, we randomly selected three winners for each day. Furthermore, we raffled off T-shirts and masks with a ChessBase motif, as well as a few DVDs with signatures of grandmasters. Those who guessed all 24 days correctly, also entered into our super raffle. Maybe you are one of them? After all, there were 90 prizes to be won.

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The solutions for our Christmas calendar doors 23 & 24

Door 23 was Mihail MarinThe English Opening - Tactic and Strategy Toolbox

The English Opening - Tactic and Strategy Toolbox

This DVD is a good way to refresh your repertoire as well as to start with the English and get an idea of how to play the opening without learning tons of theory. The tests included on this DVD are aimed at explaining all aspects, actively involving the v

298 readers knew exactly that the Fritztrainer could only be Mihail Marin.

Door 24 was Garry Kasparov - How I became World Champion

How I became World Champion Vol.1 1973-1985

Garry Kasparov's rise to the top was meteoric and at his very first attempt he managed to become World Champion, the youngest of all time. In over six hours of video, he gives a first hand account of crucial events from recent chess history, you can improve your chess understanding and enjoy explanations and comments from a unique and outstanding personality on and off the chess board.

That was much more difficult than expected! Only 197 readers knew it was Garry Kasparov. 36 readers thought it might be a bit of a trick and gave Andrei Mikhalchishin as an answer, and 19 readers thought it must be Henrik Danielsen.

The 90 lucky winners

72 emails with the correct answer were drawn at random. Three readers who were correct on one of the 24 days had the chance to win a digital Fritztrainer voucher for our shop.

We also had six winners of a ChessBase mask, five winners of a ChessBase T-shirt, four winners of a multi-signed DVD, and a third, second and first place.

By the way, almost 50% of all answers came from Germany!

33 readers actually guessed every single calendar door correctly, and thus qualified for the draw for the three grand prizes.

The winners of a € 20 digital Fritztrainer voucher for our ChessBase shop:

  • Gerhard L. from Germany
  • Werner D. from Germany
  • Edgar T. from Portugal
  • Aashna K. from India
  • Ruan F. from South Africa
  • Declan M. from Germany
  • Beate W. from Germany
  • Klaus A. from Germany
  • Norbert B. from Germany
  • Peter H. from Germany
  • Vinko M. from Croatia
  • Adam K. from Hungary
  • Michael C. from Germany
  • Annelies C. from Belgium
  • Dietmar K. from Austria
  • Gerald L. from Germany
  • Matthias A. from Germany
  • Uwe F. from Germany
  • Titus A. from the Philippines
  • Franco B. from Italy
  • Randy S. from the USA
  • Phillipe G. from France
  • Thomas L. from Germany
  • Martin L. from Austria

The winners of a € 30 digital Fritztrainer voucher for our ChessBase shop:

  • Tako K. from the Netherlands
  • German S. from Germany
  • Dirk S. from Germany
  • Guenter K. from Germany
  • Timur M. from the USA
  • Bill J. from the USA
  • Yves M. from Germany
  • Jan K. from Germany
  • Steven B. from Scotland
  • Gilles G. from France
  • Klaus B. from Germany
  • Leon M. from India
  • Arvid G. from Sweden
  • Aleksandar P. from Italy
  • Jeroen S. from the Netherlands
  • Sascha F. from Germany
  • Niels Erik A. from Denmark
  • Mike W. from Great-Britain
  • Helga K. from Germany
  • Ung Tay A. from Malaysia
  • Dusan M. from Slovenia
  • Petra B. from Germany
  • Jacek S. from Poland
  • Pat S. from Slovakia

The winners of a € 60 digital Fritztrainer voucher for our ChessBase shop:

  • Drino F. from Bosnia
  • Troels R. from Denmark
  • Peter K. from Germany
  • Shahil D. from India
  • Jiri D. from Czechia
  • Norguet C. from France
  • Peter B. from the USA
  • Daniel P. from Spain
  • Thomas R. from Germany
  • Martin N. from Czechia
  • Carsten M. from Germany
  • Coert J. from the Netherlands
  • Kate G. from Great-Britain
  • Ekkehard W. from Germany
  • Dieter O. from Germany
  • Michel W. from Belgium
  • Damian L. from Poland
  • Alexander K. from Germany
  • Frank L. from Germany
  • Michael A. from New Zealand
  • Kurt S. from Germany
  • John F. from Germany
  • Timur M. from the USA
  • Kenny Q. from Great-Britain

The six winners of a ChessBase mask are:

  • Werner B. from Germany
  • Mirko S. from Germany
  • Achim S. from Germany
  • Bragi K. from Iceland
  • Karri L. from Finland
  • Jens N. from Germany

The five winners of a ChessBase T-Shirts are:

  • Tobias N. from Sweden
  • Hans K. from Germany
  • Michael P. from Belgium
  • Jean-Luc D. from France
  • Jan V. from the Netherlands

The four winners of the signed DVDs are:

The third place goes to Joachim K. from Germany!

  • 30 Euro digital voucher for Fritztrainers
  • Signed DVD - Komodo Chess 8
  • ChessBase T-Shirt
  • ChessBase Mask 
  • ChessBase USB-Stick (128 GB)

The second place goes to Krishneel N. from Fiji!

  • 60 Euro digital voucher for Fritztrainers
  • Signed DVD - Deep Fritz 14
  • ChessBase T-Shirt
  • ChessBase Mask
  • ChessBase USB-Stick (128 GB)

The first place goes to Christian L. from Germany!

  • 100 Euro digital voucher for Fritztrainers
  • Signed DVD - ChessBase 11
  • ChessBase T-Shirt
  • ChessBase Mask
  • ChessBase USB-Stick (128 GB)

The signed DVDs for the three winners


All 90 winners will receive an email from us soon, for confirmation. For all winners of prizes that will be sent out as a package, we will ask for the address.


Arne Kaehler, a creative mind who is passionate about board games in general, was born in Hamburg and learned to play chess at a young age. By teaching chess to youth teams and creating chess-related videos on YouTube, Arne was able to expand this passion and has even created an online course for anyone who wants to learn how to play chess. Arne writes for the English and German news sites, but focuses mainly on content for the ChessBase media channels.


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