The Weekly Show: On Caruana

by Lawrence Trent
3/24/2020 – IM Lawrence Trent has been rounding-up the Candidates day by day, but today he tackles a game he has yet to present. | Puzzle time: In the diagram, suggest the best way for White to continue? | Lawrence is live this week from 17:00 UTC (18:00 CET, 1pm EDT) and free for a limited time, or forever on-demand with a ChessBase Basic Account. You can always register a free 90-day account to watch.

Navigating the Ruy Lopez Vol.1-3 Navigating the Ruy Lopez Vol.1-3

The Ruy Lopez is one of the oldest openings which continues to enjoy high popularity from club level to the absolute world top. In this video series, American super GM Fabiano Caruana, talking to IM Oliver Reeh, presents a complete repertoire for White.


The most prepared

There's very little chess action in the world apart from the Candidates, which I've been following closely. Today I'll take a look at Grischuk vs Caruana. Fabi once again shows that he is arguably the best prepared player on the planet and forced Sasha to play extremely precisely just to be able to hold the balance with White!

To get the ball rolling: Anish did everything he could to try to squeeze something from his game against Alekseenko, but the position should be holdable for White. Suggest the best way for the first player to continue:


Try your moves!

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Follow along with Lawrence and try your own moves

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Solution to the puzzle

89.h1+ was the way! But Alekseenko missed it and lost after 89.d3?.


Born in 1986, Lawrence Trent is an international master, who has represented England in numerous international youth championships (including a 7th place in the U18 WCh in 2003). The Londoner, who has a degree in Romance languages, already has a lot of experience as a trainer. Trent has recorded several DVDs for ChessBase.


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