The Weekly Show: Reykjavik Open kickoff

by Lawrence Trent
4/9/2019 – In the Reykjavik Open a young Icelandic kid beat GM Andrew Tang with Black. IM Lawrence Trent shows you the game and what it can teach us about playing much higher rated opponents. Each week, Trent brings you the latest trends, games and combinations from elite chess tournaments every Tuesday at 16:00 UTC (18:00 CEST, 12 Noon EDT). Free to watch on-demand for a limited time with a ChessBase Basic Account. You can register a free 90-day account to watch.

The Bombastic Bird's - an energetic and exciting repertoire after 1.f4 The Bombastic Bird's - an energetic and exciting repertoire after 1.f4

Welcome to the Bombastic Bird's, a revolutionary repertoire for one of the most enterprising and underrated openings in chess theory (1.f4). In this series, IM Lawrence Trent uncovers a number of groundbreaking theoretical novelties and new ideas that will soon have scorners of this romantic system regretting they ever doubted its soundness.


An Icelandic upset

Today's show is all about the Reykjavik Open, and the stunning first round upset by 2138-rated Stephan Briem. But first...

The position looks very good for White but Black looks like he has just about everything under control, or does he? See if you can find a breakthrough for White:


White to play

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Lawrence Trent's latest

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The Sizzling Scotch Gambit

The Scotch Gambit is a brazen yet utterly sound system for White who immediately opens up the position, by sacrificing a central pawn, in an attempt to assassinate the enemy king as quickly as possible.


Born in 1986, Lawrence Trent is an international master, who has represented England in numerous international youth championships (including a 7th place in the U18 WCh in 2003). The Londoner, who has a degree in Romance languages, already has a lot of experience as a trainer. Trent has recorded several DVDs for ChessBase.


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