The Weekly Show: European Championship (1)

by Lawrence Trent
3/19/2019 – IM Lawrence Trent brings you the latest trends, games and combinations from elite chess tournaments every Tuesday at 17:00 UTC (18:00 CET, Noon EST). This week he looks at a game from the first round of the European Championship in Skopje. Free to watch on-demand for a limited time with a ChessBase Basic Account. You can register a free 90-day account to watch.

The Sizzling Scotch Gambit The Sizzling Scotch Gambit

The Scotch Gambit is a brazen yet utterly sound system for White who immediately opens up the position, by sacrificing a central pawn, in an attempt to assassinate the enemy king as quickly as possible.


Eljanov upset and more

But first...IM Irina Bulmaga recently wrote about the HDBank Open in Vietnam. Here's a position from one of her own games with Black to play!


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Lawrence Trent's latest

Read a recent review of Trent's previous FritzTrainer on the "Baffling b3 Sicilian"!

The Baffling 2.b3 Sicilian

Make life difficult for the Sicilian! 2.b3 is a thoroughly venomous but still solid kind of "Anti-Sicilian". No matter what setup black chooses, the bishop on b2 will always be unpleasant for him.


Born in 1986, Lawrence Trent is an international master, who has represented England in numerous international youth championships (including a 7th place in the U18 WCh in 2003). The Londoner, who has a degree in Romance languages, already has a lot of experience as a trainer. Trent has recorded several DVDs for ChessBase.


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