The Weekly Show: Easter Opens

by ChessBase
4/20/2022 – In his "Weekly Show" Lawrence Trent covers a bunch of important open tournaments that have just taken place, namely the Fagernes Open, La Roda Open and Torrevieja. Game of the day will be the fantastic win by Gukesh vs Mikhalevski at the La Roda Open. Another demonstration of just how tough it is to play against this group of super talents from India. | Lawrence’s show is available on-demand with a ChessBase Premium Account. You can register a Premium account here

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Here's a warm-up: This is a position from the game Moussard-Cuenca Jimenez, Torrevieja 2022. Here Black needs to decide whether to transition to the rook and pawn ending or to keep the minor pieces on. Which gives him the best chances for survival?


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