The Trojan Horse

by Karsten Müller
8/18/2015 – Every week ChessBase magazine author and renowned endgame expert Karsten Müller presents a remarkable or particularly instructive endgame in his blog. A click on the diagram opens a larger board. Today on the playchess server, 4 pm: Endgame Magic with Karsten Müller and Mihail Marin!

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The Trojan Horse


White to play. What would be your choice?


Karsten Müller in ChessBase Magazine

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ChessBase Magazine #167 (Aug/Sep) 


Karsten Müller, born 1970, has a world-wide reputation as one of the greatest endgame experts. He has, together with Frank Lamprecht, written a book on the subject: “Fundamental Chess Endgames” in addition to other contributions such as his column on the website ChessCafe as well as in ChessBase Magazine. Müller's ChessBase-DVDs about endgames in Fritztrainer-Format are bestsellers. The PhD in mathematics lives in Hamburg, where he has also been hunting down points for the HSK in the Bundesliga for many years.
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Not registered yet? Register 9/26/2015 01:37
I thought Ne8 might win too, but the problem is that your Bf6 moves are met by Bd7
148. Ne8 Kb7 149. Be5 Be7 150. Bf6 Bd7
Xavier Farré Xavier Farré 8/23/2015 05:44
I think Ne8 directly also wins, playing against the dark square bishop tacking advantage of its restricted mobility and of the fact that it can't take white's bishop on e6 or f6. I think that it is not a surprise that more solutions exists because white's position is simply better and he has option, whereas black don't. I have considered 4 black alternatives. Here is my analysis. I didn't check it with the computer.

148. Ne8
A) 148... Kb8 149. Be5+ Kb7 150. Bd6 Bxd6 151. cxd6 Kb8
(151... Bd7 152. Nf6 Kc8 153. Kxa6 Kd8 154. Kb6 $22 Kc8 155. Nxd7 Kxd7
156. Kb7 Kxd6 157. Kc8+-)
152. Nf6 Bb7 153. Nd7+ Kc8 154. Nf8 Kd8 155. Nxg6 Kd7 156. Ne5+ Kxd6 157. g6 Ke7 158. g7+-
B) 148... Bd7 149. Nf6 Bc8 150. Nh7 Be7 151. Bf6 $18 Bd7 152. Bxe7 Be8
153. Nf6 Bf7 154. Nd7 Be8 155. Ne5 Kb7 156. Bd8 Ka7 157. Bb6+ Kb8 158. Kxa6+-
C) 148... Be7 149. Bf6 Bf8 150. Bd8 Kb8 151. Nf6
(151. Bc7+ Kb7 152. Bd6 Bxd6 153. cxd6+-)
151... Bb7 152. Nh7 Bg7 153. Bf6+-
D) 148... Kb7 149. Be5 Be7 150 Bf6 Bf8 151. Bd8 Kb8 152.Nf6 Kc8 153. Nh7 Kxd8
154 Nxf8 Ke8 155. Nxg6+-
kayatoast kayatoast 8/22/2015 07:51
Doesn't the simple 148.b5 work ? After 148. ... ab 149. Nb cb 150. Kxb5 ... and then Be5 at the right time ...