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4/17/2018 – The ChessBase Shop has a new design! Here's a brief tour: You'll see all new products at a glance, find an overview about product categories and authors, of course, the popular the "Openings A-Z" returns, offering quick and easy access to your favourite openings, and the new "Shop Assistant" has recommendations and help. So, come on in! | Photo: ChessBase

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Everyone uses ChessBase, from the World Champion to the amateur next door. Start your personal success story with ChessBase 14 and enjoy your chess even more!

Along with the ChessBase 14 program you can access the Live Database of 8 million games, and receive three months of free ChesssBase Account Premium membership and all of our online apps! Have a look today!


Openings A-Z

Let's start with an unsung hero of the old shops, that you should be sure not to miss. The tab "OPENINGS A-Z" offers a list of all openings and it takes only one click to see all DVDs related to a certain topic.

Openings A-Z

Navigate via the openings list

But that's not all: Use the "Search for Position" board, and just play! Whatever moves you enter will dynamically update the shop with all the video series that deal with the position in question. Plus, it knows how relevant the videos are for the position and weights them accordingly.

Give it a try! If you enter the moves 1.e4 e6 a list with the various lines of the French appears: Winawer, the Classical Variation, the Tarrasch Variation, French Advance Variation, etc.

Of course, you can search for any and all openings. E.g. The Italian has become quite popular recently. 

The Italian: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.d3 Nf6 5.c3

In the same window below you do see all the ChessBase DVDs that deal with the Italian:

DVDs related to the "Italian"


More than 100 authors work for ChessBase. The picture bar shows our stars, like Garry Kasparov, Daniel King, Wesley So, Vishy Anand, and dozens more. A click on the photo leads to a short biography and an overview of all the ChessBase DVDs this author has published.


The list of authors

Shop Assistant

The "Shop Assistant" helps you to find the titles that interest you most: in "Filters" you can set language, topic, and level (from Beginner to Professional).

You can also use the search field to find DVDs. E.g. if you enter "attacking castled king" a list with exciting DVDs by Robert Ris, Daniel King, Sergei Tiviakov, and others appears.

The search

search results

DVDs that match the search term

Product comparison 

Where are the differences between, e.g., the various packages of ChessBase 14? A handy features table has the answer: 

ChessBase packages

Automatic product comparison in the ChessBase shop

The new ChessBase Shop is worth a visit! Welcome!

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