Game of the Week: Georgiadis vs Fedorchuk

by Merijn van Delft
2/12/2020 – The current season of the German League is in full swing and this week IM Merijn van Delft dives into an "insanely sharp Sicilian" from the most recent weekend's rounds. The live show is free to watch, and available on-demand for ChessBase Premium account holders (but FREE for a limited time!). Merijn is live this week starting at 19:00 UTC (20:00 CET / 4 PM EST).

Master Class Vol.8: Magnus Carlsen Master Class Vol.8: Magnus Carlsen

Scarcely any world champion has managed to captivate chess lovers to the extent Carlsen has. The enormously talented Norwegian hasn't been systematically trained within the structures of a major chess-playing nation such as Russia, the Ukraine or China.


Game of the Week #399

Last weekend, rounds five and six of the German Bundesliga were played. I am happy to see that my club Hamburger SK is doing well. My friend Sipke Ernst scored a good win against Matthias Bluebaum, to secure a match point against Deizisau. Only Baden-Baden remains superior. All the statistics can be found here.

Tonight we will study the Bundesliga game Georgiadis vs Fedorchuk, which was an insanely sharp Sicilian game with castling on opposite wings.

The live show is free to watch, and available on-demand for ChessBase Premium accounts.

Warming-up question: What would you play here with White?


Merijn will explain in the show!

This week's show

To chat, please visit or login via Playchess for Windows. Merijn is  live at 19:00 UTC (20:00 CET / 4 PM EST).


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Merijn van Delft is an International Master from the Netherlands who lived in Hamburg for many years and is currently based in Amsterdam. After scoring a GM norm in 2017 he is eager for more. His ChessBase show on Wednesday evenings has been running for over ten years now.


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