The 25% Discount stream winners!

by ChessBase
5/30/2022 – On May 17th almost all products were 25% off due to our ChessBase discount day. This year we tried something new in addition - The ChessBase Live stream! Daniel King, Robert Ris, Sipke Ernst, Elisabeth Paehtz, Nick Pert, Svitlana Demchenko, Lawrence Trent, Karsten Mueller, Markus Ragger, and Andrew Martin, Larry Kaufman, and Mark Lefler joined the host, Arne Kaehler. Every half hour, all viewers could win a €25 Voucher! The winners were drawn.

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Discount Stream Winners

The show from 17th of May

Every time one, of our twelve ChessBase guests had their segment on the show, our viewers could participate in a raffle for a €25 voucher for the ChessBase shop.

The viewers had to buy one or more products of our Fritztrainers at their segment time.

The winners of our raffle:

  • Tobias G.
  • William P. S.
  • Michal T.
  • Peter H.
  • Rene H.
  • Lars L.
  • Steve C.
  • Nico M.
  • Denny R.
  • Axel B.
  • Robert F.
  • Eric S.

Congratulations! You will receive an email with the €25 voucher key, this week.

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