Elo to go: tactics training in your browser

by Nadja Wittmann
8/6/2018 – No matter whether you have a PC, a Mac, a tablet, iPad, smartphone or iPhone — the Tactics App of the ChessBase Account runs on all devices because it runs in your browser and is easy to use. Challenge yourself! How far can you advance in the rankings? Show how good you are — without time pressure. Or get the adrenaline flowing and try a tactic duel against another player!

Magic of Chess Tactics 2 Magic of Chess Tactics 2

FM Claus Dieter Meyer has put under the microscope a comprehensive fund of topical and timeless games / fragments. On video Hamburg GM Dr. Karsten Müller has outlined corner points of Meyer's work and created 14 tests plus 10 interactive test sets.


Improve your tactics!

Do you want to improve your tactics? Try the ChessBase Tactics App and raise your tactics Elo! A fine idea, ideal for the summer, but also for autumn, winter, and spring!

A few hints

Tactics appYou reach the tactics training by heading for tactics.chessbase.com into your browser.

The starting screen

To load a new position in which you have to find the best move cllick "Next Position".

This loads a new position in which the last move of your opponent is played on the board and indicated by a yellow arrow: 

Now it's your turn! Find the best move!

On the right-hand side, next to the board, you see how difficult the task is and additional information about the position. You also see how many positions you have already tried and solved. Your results are used to calculate your personal tactics-rating. 


Clicking "Hint" (at the top) gives you a hint that might help you to find the solution, e.g. "Double Attack", "Deflection" or "Find the mate!" etc. However, finding the solution with a hint gets less points than finding the solution on your own.


If you look at the solution by clicking "Solution" you are "punished" and about 8 to 15 points are deducted, depending on the difficulty of the task.

Of course the tactics app also works on your smartphone!

Ranking lists

Do you have an eye for tactics? Find out and compare your performance with those of other players. The rating system of the TacticsApp works as follows: you do start with a standard, and you basically play "against the task". That is, every task has a rating and thus is a kind of benchmark for your tactical strength.

Improve your Tactics

The aim of this course is to help you understand how to make tactical opportunities arise as well as to sharpen your tactical vision - these selected lectures will help to foster your overall tactical understanding.

Tactics Ranking

Example above: Arne Bracker has a tactics-rating of 1857 and solved 46 tasks and is now number 2842 on the ranking list. The green arrow shows that his rating has a strong upward tendency. 

The TacticsApp includes a number of ranks, from "beginner" to "world champion". Your rank is shown to you after you logged in to your account. If you want to know what rank comes next and what this rank requires, click "Ranks" and then "About Ranks" at the very bottom:

Tactics ranks

Find your rank!

Solving tactics without time pressure!

You can solve the tasks without time pressure. Take as much time as you want - it won't affect your rating.

Play a tactic fight

However, if you know that you are thriving under pressure you might like the option "Start Fight". Here you can measure your skills under time pressure and against other users. The fastest (and best) player wins! 

Clicking "Start Fight" pairs you with a random opponent:

With "Challenge Player" you can send a direct challenge to a particular player.

You fought/trained enough and wouldn't mind a little rest? Then click "Kibitz Fight", relax and watch the tactical duel of others.

Stop kibitzing

Learn tactics as a spectator

Understanding the solutions

If do you not understand the given solution and you can ask the engine for help. After solving (or not solving) the task you switch on an engine that analyses the position. Click on the tab "Engine" and see if the engine can answer your questions! 

The Fritz Engine Fritz evaluates the position as better for White and is happy about that!
(As the little yellow smiling rook indicates.)

The "TacticsApp" helps you to improve your tactics and your play!


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