Tactics please: Why not?

by Oliver Reeh
7/25/2014 – What to do if your opponent just made a move that allows you to snatch a pawn? Assuming he overlooked something elementary, give in to temptation and grab the poor guy? Or do you try to find out if your opponent sneakily wants to lure you into a trap? Calculating some lines might help to find an answer. As the following example from a recent tournament shows!

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Tactics please: Why not?

Why not?
Black's queen is pinning the pawn f2, so in the diagram position he might consider to strike on g3 with the knight. How would you evaluate the consequences of 25...Nxg3 26.Be5 here?
A) White wins at least an exchange due to the double threat 27.Bxg3 and 27.Bc7
B) Black neutralizes the diagonal c7-g3 and is absolutely fine


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Oliver Reeh has been authoring the tactics section in the ChessBase Magazine for many years. Recently, the Magazine introduced a new, exciting feature to the column: the interactive video format, which allows you to test variations directly and to get immediate feedback. Try and enjoy!

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Oliver Reeh has been working for ChessBase for many years as a translator and presenter of the internet show TV ChessBase, and he also looks after the tactics column in ChessBase Magazine, for which he has also been responsible as editor-in-chief since 2019. The International Master has contributed to the CB "MasterClass" series and is the author of the DVDs "Strike like the World Champions" and "Master Class Tactics - Train your combination skills!" Volumes 1 & 2. Oliver Reeh lives in Hamburg.


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